'Now is the time for a new leader': Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister not seeking re-election 1

‘Now is the time for a new leader’: Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister not seeking re-election

Brian Pallister will not be seeking re-election as Premier of Manitoba in the next election, but will remain in office for now.

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    1. @Phi Guy
      Ouch is right. For those who proclaimed themselves conservative and didn’t ring his bell with outright civil disobedience

    2. @Irving Zisman they’re all the same. Why can’t you morons see that. Maybe I’ll draw it out in crayon for you.

    1. @Electron SD They need to resign harder? He clearly said all! Not just liberals, all of them on all sides!!!

    2. The most annoying part of the last few years has been that constant fighting about which corrupt P.O.S you vote for

  1. If the NDP gets voted in its time to get out of the province along with all my business and employees Period.

  2. You’re outta here Brian. Enough of your draconian dictatorship! You were never a Canadian conservative!

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