Now Not Time For GOP To Become Deficit Hawks: Jack Lew | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Now Not Time For GOP To Become Deficit Hawks: Jack Lew | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew weighs in on President-elect Biden's economic team hires, his thoughts on future coronavirus stimulus and why he says now isn't the time for congressional Republicans to be deficit hawks. Aired on 12/01/2020.
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Now Not Time For GOP To Become Deficit Hawks: Jack Lew | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The G.O.P. has lost all credibility. There is no platform. The Republican party has been exposed for it’s corruption and treason.

    1. @Tyeler Nowell funny how owning the libs didn’t work out so well. The term owning the libs harkens back to slavery . What a coincidence ha.

  2. Having not heard the word deficit for 4 years, it should be entirely transparent that Conservatives dont believe in limited spending, only limited spending by those other than themselves. Dont even give them the airwaves, here.

  3. McConnell needs to put his “big boy pants” on and do what is right for the country and it’s people and stop worrying about Trump and his immature tweets.

    1. I think he and his buddies in the senate may be worried about more than the tweets.. just look at what he just did/and still wants to do in iran. I think that they may be worried about the cost in lives if the executioner in chief gets pushed too far, too fast. ..i know i am. :/

    2. What’s best for the country doesn’t even register on m&m’s list of priorities… we desperate tax payers aren’t his problem

    3. @Chuckie Puppet -Diaper Projecting Much there Chuckles? Condon waddles around in his and stinks everyone outta the room with massive dumps of hembergers and you have the audacity to mention Joe? Someone pist in your coolaide..

    4. @Chuckie Puppet hey trump puppet your stable genius is wearing diapers because he can’t control his body functions any more due to constant drug abuse

    1. Let’s not forget, they also shifted a large portion of the tax burden from the top 10% of income earners, to the working class Americans.

      We won’t be able to get America back to where it was, until our most wealthy start carrying their weight and paying taxes.

    1. @Chuckie Puppet yeah trumps a whiny little baby who has only won consolation prizes his whole life. That’s why he’s a sore loser, lying constantly and passing around false information. Patience is definitely wearing thin.

    1. Confederates; the Republican Party has been hijacked by Confederate Separatists that call themselves ‘Conservatives’. They are a perversion of Republican Conservatism; They are the Al-Qaeda of the Republican Party and Donald Trump is their Osama Bin Ladin, their Kim Jung Ill, their demigod leader. They do not represent the real Republican voter, just a bunch of Confederate RINOs and we need help them expelling them from both party and country after Jan. 20th.

    2. @Sean Breen I saw something like that about white hate groups being funded by corporations and then get this, they get federal tax breaks!!! Ha, CRAZy!

  4. If they want to be deficit hawks they can repeal the fiscally ruinous tax cuts they gave billionaires.

    1. 100%, if they want to talk now they can reverse their disgusting corrupt policies which clearly won’t ever happen.

  5. No matter what republicans do or not do for the country and people We The People will not accept GOP involvement the anger, hatred for republicans will never go away The party has lost the respect, etc. for Republicans by the people of this country

  6. Time to turn the heat up on the Senate, specifically MOSCOW MITCH for 2nd stimulus package!!! Dems have been ready, willing, and waiting! Time for the Repos to put money where their mouths are! Why Kentucky re-elected him is beyond comprehension!

    1. @Chuckie Puppet
      And who do you think is going to pay for Trump’s tax cuts for himself and the other millionaires and billionaires? We are. The federal debt blew past $27 trillion. When the austerity comes it’s going to make Greece and Puerto Rico look like child’s play.

  7. McConnell will just delay, to make Biden look bad.
    He knows that he is safe for the next 6 years.
    He does not care about small business and about US citizens.
    People in trouble do not have the money to donate to them.

    1. Why is McConnell safe for the next six years? All it needs is for the mid-term elections to change the balance in the Senate and he can’t keep obstructing the passage of bills to, and through, the Senate.

    1. And to top it all off the republicans are always the party in charge when the economy crashes, and goes into recession, or depression.

  8. When Rep Bush handed the baton to Dem Obama, the economy was a mess. Now when Rep Trump is handing over to Dem Biden, again it is in even greater mess.

  9. Mitch does not need to control the senate…the VP has historically led the senate so at least bills will be voted on

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