NSA Sullivan On Talks With China: 'We Knew It Was Going To Be Tough' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

NSA Sullivan On Talks With China: ‘We Knew It Was Going To Be Tough’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan joins Andrea Mitchell to talk about a wide range of foreign policy challenges facing the Biden administration, including troubles with North Korea, China, Iran and Russia. On his and Secretary of State Antony Blinken's contentious summit with Chinese officials last week, Sullivan said, "We knew it was going to be direct and frank and we were going to have to cover a lot of issues on which we have profound concerns with China's policies, whether it's Xinjiang, or Hong Kong or Tibet or Taiwan. And, we did all of that." Aired on 03/22/2021.
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About Andrea Mitchell: Andrea Mitchell is NBC News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent and host of MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports," an hour of political news and interviews with top newsmakers that airs each weekday at 12 p.m. ET on MSNBC.

In addition to politics, Mitchell covers foreign policy, intelligence and national security issues, including the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, for all NBC News and MSNBC properties.

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NSA Sullivan On Talks With China: 'We Knew It Was Going To Be Tough' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Democrats and Republicans. Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    1. Biden promised at the election campaign, “We’ll bring China to international rules”.

      1st round the US fails, lectured by the commies before the world for 30 minutes, “US has no qualification to say this to China ie the US to get lost”!! The most important issue that could nail the china criminal party to walls is the Wuhan virus which Biden/Blinken ignored since day 1. Many said it’s a deal to repay CCP’s help in grabbing office for Biden?

      China Criminal Party is using unrestricted mafia warfare to fight the US and democracy but the latter is still using the “gentlemen’s approach” against the barbaric mafia mob!! Blinken needs badly someone like Miles Yu, Solomon Yue, Elmer Yuen, etc who have gone through CCP’s devastating torturing and Cultural Revolution thus truly understand how CCP thinks and does things!

      CCP regime is no country but a barbaric transnational inhumanity criminal mafia mob that has hijacked the land and people as its own private assets since 1949. CCP has no limits in killing off the earth and humans through genocides (in Hong Kong and Xinjiang), bio virus attacks, organ harvesting, exports to the world of toxic and fake food, drinks, medicines.

      Matt Pottinger said it right, China criminal party must be taken down. Changing Xi is not enough. Xi is simply following the footpath and aim of Mao and CCP: To replace the US and democracy with CCP orders.

      Boycott Beijing Olympics and made in china!

      Hong Kong today the US and World tomorrow!
      HK is not china’s! HK has been an independent state with western democratic ideologies before 1997!

    2. NEED TRUMP BACK! To Defend The USA!
      MSNBC No Reporting: Kamala Harris laughs after reporter asks if she plans to visit border: ‘Not today!’ The Puppet China Joe Does not meet with World Leaders!
      Who is calling the shots at the W.H?

    3. It is big joke Biden Administration sent a puppy poodle to the negotiating table….go home to find your momy, please!

  2. That was a bit from a trump attitude from the China sister….I mean that type of talk has never come from China like that like a bully mouth now do you see the danger trump put us under by mocking China and the virus and putting tariffs on China? Prosecute 45 and prison please were waiting

  3. China has been growing it’s strength while the US has been burying it’s head in the sand and fighting itself, they are a monster, 4 times the population

    1. @wysetech2000 Tax fraud? Sure, the man who has been in business for 50 years and whose tax returns are audited every year. This is obviously a witch hunt, and just like the others, it will fail spectacularly.

    2. @MrEkzotic How about trying to overturn and election then with a recorded phone call. Will that fail too? Something is gonna stick to your dirt bag hero one day soon!

    3. @wysetech2000 Overturn the election? You mean wanting to ensure only legitimate votes are counted? Everyone knows that Beijing Biden only won through fraud and the unlawful changing of ballot security rules.

  4. Well SHE speaks really well for the Taliban!!! What questions does SHE have to ask FOR U.S.?????????????????????????? Walter INDEED…. She need to STOP thinking about his name when compared to HER…..

  5. “The eyes of history are on this appointment.” – Buttigeig
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.
    2021 US still has NO high speed railway and NO high speed trains.

    1. Not sure but is being able to afford a car and a highway system not recovering from ww2 account for anything? When did we build rt 66? We’re selfish Americans. Nm a train our self driving living rooms on wheels will get us there. Not to mention heavily populated areas in these Asian countries lead to a complicated rail as space and cost are prohibitive of car ownership similar to NYC times 100. Spend a few yrs in Japan. I did. Americans love their cars man. High speed what?

    2. U.S did something much bigger and more profitable, our airline service and automobile industry, it contributed to our amazing way for life by drastically increasing our GDP.

    3. It is big joke Biden Administration sent a puppy poodle to the negotiating table….go home to find your momy, please!

  6. The biggest mistake the US and the Western democracies made after Nixon and Kissinger opened up trade with China was allowing companies to export jobs. This helped build the Chinese economy and with that it’s military.

    It also took work away from western workers. Trump only made the situation worse.

    1. MAGA hat “made in China” definitely told a very fishy story about tRump administration’s foreign policy and economy plans.

    2. It was a two way street, ain’t no free lunches, American corporations sold OUT & got Filthy rich, China didn’t come over & point a GUN at American companies to do deals…funny how people don’t see two side.
      Its a DEAL, you win some & you lose some…. Stop with Whining forever, it could have been INDIA instead of China.

  7. For those of you who missed the Nam a quotation short but too a point: “And the epitaph read: A fool lies here who tried to hustle the East.”. Kipling.

  8. America , you can’t get your own house in order, so interfering in other nations is hypocritical . America your number 1 status has gone , you have other countries in the world that are just as equal, not only politically but economically. So America when you get your head around that , and start acting like a grown up , if you want respect you have to give respect, and acting like a kid who hasn’t got his own way , by installing sanctions and tariffs is childish.

  9. Those who killed MLK, Malcom X and others have the nerve to preach about killing or jailing Critics. Fake news hard at work.

  10. We used to have a president half fruit and half human: the Orange guy and now we have one president: half on the floor and half standing!

  11. Sullivan, totally understand you are proud to be an American. I wouldnt be able to be a proud Chinese if the government is commiting genocide.

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