NWA Not Taking the Blame for Damaged Road | TVJ News

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  1. May be a leak exist…i walk that Road from Kings House Ave..to Edgecombe Ave a boy/nephew from the Country side in the 60s MOTIVATED to have my own and BIGGER house for MY CHILDREN when i grow up….I DID but in FOREIGN🤔

  2. That Stephan Shaw guy need to be fired. All his projects seem to be a mess. The work was not done properly, so they can go back and get another project to get more money.

  3. A bere crap im a chat . If di project cost $10 m $9.9m goh inna dem pocket an di change is enough fi buy some shoe polish an flour fi fix di road dat why wen mother nature cry shi exposed dem as thieves

  4. No Drainage is under Di road, man no have no clue. How di BBCLAAT U a go build road with no drainage. As soon as rain come Di road a go wash way! Even a dam fool knows dat! A wah dem take dis ting fa ?

  5. Utter madness Stephen, that’s our tax money going down the drain, tell them all that a stone is the foundation of all solid road foundation not mall or san head

  6. No accountability no responsibility poor workmanship poor drainage poor road engineering skills this is result you get this shouldn’t be a surprise

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