NWC Workers to Return to Work | PM Speaks on Water Crisis | TVJ News – May 11 2022

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  1. Sir protest shouldn’t be comfortable πŸ™„ its called a protest, PAY DI PEOPLE DEM UNUH TEK RAISE , SUH RAISE THE PEOPLE DEM PAY,

    1. For me it’s selfish. No notice was given, it just happened. Thinking about new moms with babies, making bottles.. the sick and crippled. Kids using the restrooms with no running water? Oh jeez..

    2. @Bella D Sometimes you have to be selfish to get what you want, I stand by NWC, cause if dem just siddung and continue getting paid damn near nothing and don’t do anything about it, they’re apart of the problem, JM Government fi do better and raise wages nationwide

    3. @Bella D I agree. Whilst I understand the reason for the protest, to go for 2 days IS selfish! Then it becomes punishing the wrong people because those in power, including the protesters, have water. We all have our struggles; sick and elderly, babies. 1 day, I understand. Two plus, you lose the public’s support.

    4. @Bella D it’s the government fault, the fact that there is a protest, means something was wrong for a period of time. It is what it is

  2. Look at Jamaica eeeeeehhh
    The land of wood and water
    Mi want water… to bathe mi son and daughter cho a what do the all a unu suh..water is life we hear from we born ..we want we water to stay onπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―β€πŸ’›πŸ’š

  3. Pay the ppl them and let everything go back to normal …it’s that simply cost of living sky high so the ppl them want money to match up …I can never understand business

    1. A notice to the customers would be nice. I can also understand the frustrations of the workers.

  4. Your the πŸ•³ in the πŸ›Ά , so in ur words if u remain as pm we all r going to die?

  5. Why would they give a notice before protesting? so that they could “put something in place” to fix the problem? the whole point of the strike was to show how much power they have and basically say it’s either pay us or everybody suffers

  6. While I understand the reason for the protest/strike, to go on for 2 days plus IS selfish! Then it becomes punishing the wrong people. Because those in power, including the protesters, have access to water they, more than likely, can endure multiple days. We all have our struggles. Many do not have jobs. We have our sick and elderly, our infants and children… The days have been dreadfully hot. WE cannot strike. 1 day, I understand. Two days plus….you lose the public’s support. You inflict harm.

  7. He is a joke. I respected him earlier in his career. But now he is becoming a joke. Things didn’t have to reach this far. Worst it shows he isn’t reachable

  8. Imagine tax raise 10 time before pay raise. Why the people affi block road before things happen? This place is an experience mah tell yuh.

  9. Andrew only speaking on the water resources because his rich friends them feeling the pressure…so many community in jamaica don’t have water for many months now no matter how them bawl we want water nothing is done….but because uptown and the higher class feelings it…all of a sudden jamaica is a little boat if there is a hole every body sink what a thing you never knew this all along

  10. Let’s hope this is not a scam again with the agreement. This should not have happened, why is it that this is the only time anyone pays attention to the people who keeps JA going. And now 3 months to reclassfiy different position. come on now!! This is crap. What have the heads of NWC has been doing, I guarantee that they got there raises.

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