NY AG has been looking into taxes of Trump Organization CFO for months

The New York attorney general's office has opened a criminal tax investigation into top Trump Organization officer Allen Weisselberg, increasing the legal pressure on the long-time aide to former President Donald Trump, people familiar with the investigation say.
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    1. @Bhirawa Maylana 5) Proud boys, stand by, and if I am criminally charged and face jail, start riots and burn down USA.

    2. @Edmund Libanio eh wasn’t that how Drump usually say it ? I mean I just copy, paste and alter his nonsense grammar.

    3. talk talk talk all we hear and see is more lip service from CNN where is the proof no one cares about your opinions

    4. @Edmund Libanio – can you maybe learn/study other languages. even if you are not successful, you will at least recognize that other cultures use syntaxes different from our own.

    5. The Two Minutes Hate is a break in the day in which Party members briefly stop their work routines and gather in front of a screen in order to participate in an intense expression of hatred against enemies of the state. Its overt purpose is to bind Party members in solidarity and collective purpose against those who would undermine or destroy the government of Oceania. Its covert purpose is to allow people to vent their repressed aggressions and frustrations in a socially sanctioned way. These aggressions are caused by the many deprivations and humiliations the inner Party deliberately orchestrates to keep people broken, miserable, and under control.

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! How does it feel to know Trump lost the election!?

    2. @Arma Ellis pointing out you are a hypocrite. Look at all the evil done by the Bidens and all you can focus on is your hatred of Trump.

    1. Whereas Bitcoin is going through the floor.

      I don’t see those ‘you should invest in Bitcoin’ posts anymore !

    1. Tr**p simply bribes his way out of criminal prosecution. He did it in Florida when they were going after his fraudulent “university”. A quick donation to the FL attorney General and suddenly the investigation is over. It’s different this time… NY won’t be bought off.

  1. She was so slick! In early interviews or tv appearances, she kept reiterating civil, civil.. And we were like.. Is that all? That sounds so lenient! But that was probably her strategy to rat out more rats in order to turn it to criminal.
    (Amazing, while writing my comment, Erin is saying the same thoughts I had! Lol)

    1. @Blue Bishop don’t worry CNN will drag this out for 4 years just like they did russia hoax with no proof or sources. If anyone needs to be investigated, it is the bidens.
      CNN doesn’t report on biden because they don’t want to expose his dementia

    2. @TRUMP JR even Mueller said it was NO hoax, but you just keep on repeating trump like the good little sheep you are. The Bidens have been investigated by the republican senate intel and they found nothing.

  2. Who else started LOL when he said Donald and Alen on trial together smh this is crazy lol

    1. @G BOMBSHELL. It’s CNN’S favorite word. Indicted? After Mueller and 2 impeachments. Bwahahahaha

  3. “Brad? It’s terrible what they’re doing to us, Brad. You know, Brad, I’ve been robbed, Brad. Brad?

  4. Al Capone thought he was untouchable until uncle sam got them taxes, the other guy might want to get a physical too,capone had syphilis too

    1. Trumpy has tertiary syphilis…won’t see another 4 years. Going down hill fast. That vacant mind and obese body. Pitiful…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  5. When you going to talk about R.Kelly the one who sings, “We built this city on Rap and πŸŽ—”

    1. I can’t wait for the NY attorney go after Al Sharpton for taxes owed in NY…
      He owes taxes before this man but Orange man is bad

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