NYPD looking for man caught on video kicking a woman down an escalator | USA TODAY 1

NYPD looking for man caught on video kicking a woman down an escalator | USA TODAY


The police are asking for help identifying a man who was seen on surveillance video kicking a woman down an escalator in Brooklyn.
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The alleged assault occurred Thursday evening in Brooklyn as the man in the video is seen walking past the victim on an escalator out of the Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center Station, a typically busy subway stop.

The man kicked the 32-year-old woman in the chest, causing her to fall down the escalator, the New York City Police Department said Monday. The video shows the man graze the woman as he walks past her up the escalator before he stops and turns around. He is then seen grabbing both handrails before kicking her.

The man and woman had "a verbal exchanged that escalated" when he kicked her, police said.

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  1. Al-Qisas (Equality in punishment). The heirs of the woman like her son should be allowed to kick him down an escalator. No need for prison. Al-Qisas solves the issue.

  2. 3 trays a day material. Do not let that maniac ever breed, even though his mummy will say, “he’s not a bad boy, it’s other people that are the problem, he’s just misunderstood”. Lock her up as well for unleashing him on society to attack a defenseless woman.

  3. You know he’s going to either cut or braid his hair to look different. I hope his enemies turn him in. Especially the ones hes probably kicked down staires before!! He’s good at it. Very good at it!!

  4. If the victim would have been a 300 pound man with bulging muscles, I wonder if this guy would have done the same thing?

  5. That was horrible! What an animal that jerk but to top off it was equally horrible to see the third person not even stop to help the young lady.

  6. 100% man just by the way he braced on the escalator and the kicking motion. When exiting his walk was a give away as was the muscle on his bicep. Lastly his manly watch with a bigger face than a ladies watch.

  7. I really don’t know what is worse, him kicking someone or everyone else just watching, like it’s just another day.

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