98 Comments on "NYT Exposes Trump Chinese Bank Account, Millions In China-Connected Deals While President"

  1. Trump has paid more taxes to China than he has to America

  2. Trump is the embodiment of PROJECTION

    • Not only have you been deceived but you’re trying to think you can deceive us with just repeating things it’s ridiculous you’ll find out. This mad cow right here…she’s not going to be on TV very much longer. Why do you people worship Liars? just can’t figure out why you would want to keep supporting corruption and lies how do you take care of your own families if you don’t even know the truth of what’s really going on? You can’t so you’re all a danger to all the rest of us and that’s why Trump 2020 landslide ❤️🇺🇸

    • Really, the childish school ground reply… “I’m rubber you’re glue” weak

    • @Lisa Goodwin <--- accuses people of believing ridiculous things that are just repeated, asks why they worship liars, then supports a Trump landslide. You can't make this stuff up, folks!

    • @Stephen Beeh Fake News asshats have not tried to think in 4 years you can see the wheels grind to a halt when they try english.

    • Sallie Gallegos | October 21, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      Stephen Beeh Bigly! Tremendous! Huge! Powerfully! So true! It’s a disgrace! So cute! Nasty woman!

  3. And he Blames Democrats for being Communists while Taking Money from the Chinese Government…..😂

  4. No wonder why he doesn’t release his taxes, he’s nothing but a fraudster.

  5. So everything he says about his political opponents, it is a perfect mirror description of himself: corrupted mind, unlawful actions, or illegal transactions…
    This president seems to be completely compromised…
    He could be a national security threat to America’s democracy, economical prosperity stability , and global leadership standards in the world.

  6. The Trump Crime Syndicate is a perfect example of capitalism going so far overboard that the rich-celebrity-blinded will willingly destroy their own country as they drool for the fool’s gold.

    • That’s a whole lot of truth here.

    • Capitalism has no nationality.
      Capitalism is only maximizing profits.

    • Both. sides are corrupted.

    • Any comments talking about the Biden’s dirty relationship with China will be automatically disappeared in Youtube, twitter, and facebook.(you can see if I am right!) Like I said, US is doomed, they have betrayed their God and their forefather. US dirty politicians and dirty business man play with Chinese underage girls and take Chinese dirty money. Chinese government allow this happening!! FXXX China and US!

    • Nothing to do with Capitalism. Trump is a high rolling crook and con artist.

  7. BIDEN HARRIS 2020💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

  8. This president has sold Americans’ interests to the best bidder!!

    • #Biden puts America last. Search now on youtube “skynews exclusive: joe biden’s son email” before this comment gets deleted. The press and social media are censoring this news because is bad bad for biden. #JoeBiden is a criminal…

    • @bryanatwku Yawn……… such old and debunked NONSENSE!
      Go back to your bunker! Maybe bunker boy would join you after January 21?

    • @o M Read previous posts…. Fakebook misinformation…. directly from Rudy calludy……probably via Russia.

    • @An Sar, maybe you know something the rest of us don’t? Even Hunter, as he had his lawyers call the store owner to get his laptop back 20 minutes after the story broke.

    • @Walako Walaka you are correct, they’re grasping at straws at this point.

  9. Remember: every accusation by trump is a confession in disguise.
    He accuses his opponents of the cheating he’s done because in his mind there is no other way they could outperform him otherwise.

  10. Trump doesn’t know China. Says he’s probably a low-level employee he has never met.

    • Search Now on Youtube just got taken down as a NAZI anti Jewish, Black Lynching hate site! Tell us where next?

    • @paul fogarty Don’t forget concubines.

    • 😂😭🤧

    • Lazys The Dank Engineer | October 21, 2020 at 8:57 PM | Reply

      @o M don’t you think the FBI would be hunting down Biden by now? Especially with the entire government in Trump’s pocket?

    • paul…LMAO! so true! he knows he has been exposed by the FBI to his world wide criminal behavior…but he is worse at lying than ANY common small prisoner that is in jail for stealing bread to feed his or her family! if he thinks they will fall for his act (since he thinks he is the perfect con artist) good luck with that…donald trump! those prisoners watch the news!

  11. They going to find a lot more

  12. And trump chose elaine chao (Moscow Mitch’s wife whose chinese family owns a huge shipping company) as Transportation Secretary. I’m sure there’s no connection, though.

  13. I heard that by keeping millions of dollars in China , Trump gets a discount on the production of his MAGA merchandise.

    • Which is now all on sale at 30% off at GOP store. Seriously, he thought he would be selling much more than he did.The poor sob thought more people liked him.

  14. The biggest crook in the world.
    Trumpty is a flight risk, take his passport!! Lose the election go to jail asap!! 🤣🌊

  15. Ducky Lou Diva | October 21, 2020 at 8:35 AM | Reply

    That’s where he is hiding the money the tax money he should have paid. How can anyone want this crook as a leader. Yet he pays literally no taxes. Seriously. Vote him out. Everyday we learn something else that about this snake oil salesman.

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    • Yet , he paid them 187,000 in taxes but paid the US 750.00 .

    • @Robin Hood Wrong – He owed $750 after showing audited proof that his losses were legit. While he was going through the motions of doing this – he paid $5.3 Million in taxes which he did not even recover. Instead told the govt to keep it for covering future tax liabilities. You might want to read till the end of the NYT story there buddy.

    • @madmax Wrong, Trump paid $750 in 2016 and 2017 after claiming tax credits and used the $5.3 million to cover future taxes, but was not audited for those years. Currently he’s being audited for the 2010 tax year and the infamous $72.9 million refund, which is still underway. Might want to get the facts straight there BUDDY. Oh wait, you’re a trump chump, you don’t believe in facts.

  16. 1 more item that would have ended any other presidency

    • The difference is that his dealings with China were done through private business that he in fact made less profitable through tariffs on China. Hunter Biden directly worked with the Chinese government and used his father’s political position to gain reputation with Chinese executives. Under the Obama adminstration there were no tariffs and his leadership led to Chinas rise in economic output. Joe Biden has already stated he will not stand up to China who are constantly committing atrocities throughout this decade.

    • Lazys The Dank Engineer | October 21, 2020 at 8:56 PM | Reply

      @Aaron Marsch
      “HuNtErs LaPtOp”

      You want us to believe he flew across the country to get his laptops fixed by a blind dude and never came back?

      You’re obviously trying to distract from all the Trump scandals.

    • @Lazys The Dank Engineer Hunter Biden agreed to a million dollar deal with Patrick Ho to defend him against corrupt charges. Patrick Ho works directly under Xi Jinping for his belt and road initiative. Hunter Biden used his political status to defend the CCP in a confirmed arrangement. This isnt just about the laptop.

    • Lazys The Dank Engineer | October 21, 2020 at 9:38 PM | Reply

      @Aaron Marsch where are you getting this info.

      I’ll take anywhere left of Breitbart.

    • Hermeneutic mendicancy | October 21, 2020 at 10:02 PM | Reply

      @Aaron Marsch The United States and China sit on the UN Security Council, you dock, it’s not in the United States’ interest to engage in a trade war with China and a competent person would know that. But if you and Trump want to wreck your own god-damned system then just say so and stop wasting everyone’s time!

  17. Tony Fernandez | October 21, 2020 at 8:46 AM | Reply


  18. “ I don’t want to keep my salary. I decided to donate it.” His ignorance is unprecedented that he even doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. The Chinese are laughing at us.

    • It’s part of a Con-Man’s misdirection tactic. One hand is open and empty while the other hand is busy doing hijinks. Look, I’m donating my salary while I’m busy charging my golfing vacations to my own resorts to the US Taxpayers’ Treasury Department. What’s $400,000 compared to what’s the tally now? $142 Million? Plus the other emolument violations, i.e., exhorting government employees to stay at his hotel (Pence, in Ireland visit, etc.) Or foreign entities, governments or any rich individual needing to curry favor with him staying at his hotels get special access to Trump, etc.. Endless strings of unending corruption!

    • Just the Chinese laughing? I think most of the world is laughing… 😢 To think of what we are leaving for our own children and grandchildren…. Sorry kids, our President and all our politicians have decided to rule in favor of stealing our retirement, our home, our cars, our freedom of speech, our water & food suppies – nothing left for us. So Sorry…..

    • @Lee Martin That’s why we have to vote the lice out.

  19. Can you imagine what fox news would be doing if this story was about Obama?

  20. Rump’s tell is that he accuses everyone else of exactly what he’s doing.

    Rump playing poker: You look like you have a pair of two’s.
    Putin: I’m all in.

    • ZUR…republicans did that way before trump! and now!! they are still at it! they are STILL just as hateful as they have always been…wait for it! as soon as democrats WIN…the steve schmidts, nicole wallace, ana navarro….ALL those republicans will turn against the democratic party AGAIN!…mark my words!!! they will! they are partly responsible for trump getting selected. they are embarrassed because they helped getting him where he is!… they DO NOT support democrats…it’s all smoke & mirrors!

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