NYT: Trump Ran 2,000+ Facebook Ads Pushing Idea Of Migrant ‘Invasion’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. as of June 10 the Washington Post Fact Checker has cataloged 10,796 times Trumpo The Aryan Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.

    1. Hearing Trump say something you disagree with does NOT constitute a lie.
      Then take away all the omissions, words twisted out of context by the media, biased listening, hearing only what you want to hear, jokes, mis-reading the teleprompter or relaying inaccurate info….and VOILA !! No more lies.

    Impeach the mother fker asap

    1. @Howard Mcgoldrick “i have black friends” says the racist who his “black friends” would say yeah he’s a racist.

    2. @Howard Mcgoldrick
      Toothless hillbilly CAPITALISTS on food stamps crack me up
      It’s not insults it’s FACTS u fking moron

  3. Oh no an invasion of hard working people that are willing to clean our bathrooms and pick our fruit.

    1. Tess Watkins Exactly! And why is it that this goofy, sobbing panel doesn’t ever mention the real problem, which is countless lawbreakers flooding our borders?! Our President simply states the facts, and this bunch of sillies are so far removed from reality that it just stuns them.
      They need to grow up and stop being the REAL hate mongers ; as it’s getting soooo old!

    2. @Michael Beelby Disagree, I know many who are not Latino that do the jobs mentioned. My life experience has been in urban areas this is the general attitude toward Latinos, only good for what some consider jobs that are below their standard. In rural areas folk work jobs, and since this country IS and has ALWAYS been a melting pot, condemning one race to jobs some think are lowly is bizzare and racist, would you say the same of any other race of migrants? So rude, so rude….

    3. @Stand United Shows how much you know.. I travel to El Paso on average close to 6 times a year to deliver dogs for potential training for military use and border patrol. As for boarder patrol ‘knowing what’s up’ you are correct… They say, along with other federal law enforcement agencies, that the vast majority of drugs and human trafficking come through legal ports of entry. Perhaps it is you that needs to learn how to differentiate talking points, anecdotes and propaganda from data and factual analysis

    4. @SnarlaRae I don’t think you listened to what i said… I did not condemn anyone to anything. Historically, in this melting pot, newly arrived immigrants from anywhere have typically started at the lowest rungs of the ladder and due to the discrimination they have often faced end up in jobs that most established Americans turn their nose up at or find distasteful. Then as those immigrants establish families and roots, eventually the discrimination shifts to a new group and the older ones start to climb the ladder of success to do what they want to do, not what they have to do, to survive. It has been this way with every new immigrant group throughout the entire history of this country. It shouldn’t have to be so…but unfortunately is for the vast majority of those coming here, legal or not, regardless of what country they come from

  4. Peoples failed to say this is not happening in the rich peoples neighborhood criminal trump and Moscow Mitch and the Republican family’s are safe in their big houses looking down on the peoples who they feed off of ,they doesn’t care.

  5. I’m a Londoner and Brian Klaas is entirely right when he says that we Brits see your gun laws as completely insane.

      ..nite nite.lol

    2. @Matthew Martinez – Tombstone had much more restrictive laws on carrying guns in public in the 1880s than it has today,” says Adam Winkler, a professor and specialist in American constitutional law at UCLA School of Law. “Today, you’re allowed to carry a gun without a license or permit on Tombstone streets. Back in the 1880s, you weren’t.” Same goes for most of the New West, to varying degrees, in the once-rowdy frontier towns of Nevada, Kansas, Montana, and South Dakota.
      Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/gun-control-old-west-180968013/#XDRh5zgypolhQLoK.99

  6. The known pathological liar orange is an immoral fake president. He condemned the domestic white nationalist terrorists in which he doesn’t mean at all while putting those hate messages on facebook is his usual Double standard game.

    1. dans h , and super Russian. Omg, it’s soooooo obvious how Russian he is. He doesn’t even know how to write in English. All four letters of a word in the middle of his sentence are capital and the first letter in the sentence is not. Plus there is literally no punctuation at the end of the sentence 😂🤣😂

    2. free2express08 , yeah they are so dumb. Haha Faux News, I like that. I’m gonna have to use that one myself. It’s like Fox News but Faux is like fake. So it’s like fake news 😂🤣😂🤣
      That’s like Fake News CNN!!! Hilarious. I only listen to real documented facts that I know are real and documented because I look it up on Snopes. Ok I only do that sometimes. I have found that it saves time to just watch MSNBC. This way I know I’m getting the real facts and don’t even need to go to Snopes to check if what I heard was true. FYI, you spelled Republicans wrong. You might want to edit so the Trolls from Russia don’t point it out and try to act like you are dumb. They’re probably not even really trolls. More likely they are robots or whatever. Cause trolls aren’t even real I’m pretty sure.

    1. So, how do you lefties, who are alleged defenders of a FREE press, feel about the New York Times changing a headline after liberal lawmakers and POTUS candidates complained about it? You may not be aware of that either…but it DID happen. Is that a FREE press?

    1. @Water Maker I didn’t say I would’ve made a Difference, but it gives me a fighting chance to protect me and my Family.

    2. Moscow Mitch, or Massacre Mitch – represents his entire party. He does what they want, he takes the hit and they hide under the bed. They all need to take a hit.

  7. Dont look for solutions ofamerican blood being spilled for moscow Mitch is on vacation and trump golfed all weekend

    1. The cons/confederates/conservatives seek war…

      Watch for trump to visit El Paso to incite rioting…

    2. brian gardner you can’t call them “individual rights” when they belong to everyone in the collective, thus the term “civil rights”…

      You political literacy has been compromised by reich wing linguistic eugenics…

    1. Oh, there’s a reason. It was to distract from the other sh!t Trump’s doing. Ever known a guy that’s been dead for 2 weeks go out and shoot about 500 people?

    2. @Melinda Sarasin Who was dead for two weeks? Stephen Paddock the shooter? What proof is there for that?

      Where did u get that info from? If its legitimate that sounds very interesting and id def wanna read into it. Whats the place I can read about that and whats the legitimate primary sources?

    1. Dizzy Duke The more simple answer Dumby Duke. We don’t impeach Presidents just because the losers can’t frame them for crimes they can’t prove he committed. See Dumby Duke, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler running around and screaming we got proof Donald Trump colluded for 2 years is not in fact presenting evidence that Trump committed a crime. Are you not clear or do you need further explanation. Pretty clear uhh…kinda ties in with that whole due process thing. Not trashing the constitution and all just because you can’t accept you lost. A lot of people didn’t like Obama. A lot of people didn’t want him in there for sure. They didn’t want to bust the whole system just because they lost 1 or 2 elections though.

    2. Dizzy Duke I don’t know if you are aware of this or not or even able to grasp this perspective. Donald Trump has been around in the public eye for a long time The vast majority of these politicians have been around a long time. Now let’s just take Elijah Cummings for example. Let’s just drop the racial bs for one second because Trump didn’t say anything racist. Elijah Cummings has been a congressman since January of 1997, Trump has been President since 2O17, now EC has the right to criticize DT all he wants about the border but EC needs to be reminded he has been a congressman since 1996 and been responsible for shaping immigration law and supporting his poverty stricken district for 22 years. So if you believe someone who did nothing for 20 years and then after 2 more years basically pulls the race card on someone who has been there for 10% of the time they’ve been there you are looking to the wrong person to get anything done. That’s just the way it is and if you can’t grasp onto such a simple concept then you are just stupid. Now all this ties into something deeper. Nearly the entirety of the Washington establishment has been gaming the system and breaking the law to line their own pockets. We can speculate confidently because their lifestyle suggests they live well beyond their means and as public officials that’s fair game. So Trump has been around a long time. And he knows these people. All these problems were there before Trump. They existed when Cummings was elected. They existed before then too. Finally a President comes along to expose all this corruption and criminality and the swamp automatically whines he stole the election and he”s a racist. And because he doesn’t have a D in front of his name, but for that, you’re willing to support those very criminals that have been gaming the system and stealing for years from the people while Trump was building his own wealth legitimately while providing jobs and careers to millions of people across the world. And I want to reiterate legitimately because now they want to get your expectations up again by demanding his tax returns. Now just stop and use your own brain for a second if you’re capable. Donald Trump is a billionaire. Do you think hes filing an EZ1040 or something? Are you people that dumb not to understand this guy is automatically audited by numerous accountants at the IRS every time he files. Do you understand this swamp that Trump is exposing was writing tax law while Trump was accumulating his wealth. So you want to support the politicians who shaped laws and rob the people all these years to line their pockets and dump on the guy who earned his money and attempting to get rid of these scum. The left wants to overthrow the whole system just because they lost. That doesn’t alarm you though. Well, that’s pretty stupid if you can’t see something wrong. Or maybe some of you do want to overthrow the system. Which in fact would make you an enemy to the country by definition. Which makes your opinion worthless because you’re not dealing in good faith.

  8. Because he wanted them to be considered dangerous, he wanted people to be hateful and fearful, he actually tried to get the military to go to war with unarmed refugees. And when it didn’t work, he encouraged unstable individuals to do the shooting for him.

    1. “Unstable individuals” ? 😆 normal individuals my friend. Bad black people are normal people but bad white people cannot be normal no, they’ve got to be unstable. Why? Because the white man is perfect like God. 🧐

  9. Your right to own a gun may end on my right to safety in public places.The places that get shot up are alarming.

    1. I thought that the right to carry a gun you had to be a member of the national guard not a private person

    2. No Americans will not allow our civil right to own a gun to be removed from our constitution. That’s a tool the NRA uses to scare republican conservatives. I would bet there isn’t 15% of Americans who want that. So its crap but it gets the response the NRA wants. Especially when there’s a panic and a rush to buy more guns

    3. You’re not going to solve your gun problems.
      You’re not even close to beginning talks about it.
      If talks did begin there would be no logic behind them. It would be a shouting match between those who want guns with no restrictions, and those who want sensible laws.
      They would go on forever and like everything else in America end up in stalemate.
      If by some miracle there passed a law that guns were no longer sold it would take a century before all the existing guns were gone.
      Guns are here to stay, and mass shootings are part of normal American life.

    1. @B m Go back to Alex Jones, Russian troll! A Junior high kid would know that we are *both* a Republic and a Democracy DUH

    2. @B m Name a country that is “Communist.” Cleptocratic Countries: N. Korea and Cuba (their leaders got rich through drug and weapon sales) Russia? Pres. Putin lives on his presidential income of about $110,000 equivalent. Right! China Communistic? Hah! I doubt that you would recognize a Communist if one bit you in the butt. 🙂

    3. @B m Who is the moron? The US Constitution consists of 3 Arts., not 4, enumerating ltd. powers of 3 fed. branches+states/citizens rights. A Republican form of govt. refers to states/citizen rights; Communism/Capitalism are 2 economic theories. Political theories vary: rule by the people is Democracy/rule by a wealthy few is Oligarchy/rule by a few corrupt/opportunist is a Kleptocracy, “Power corrupts, absolute power…” Democracy corrupted by money isn’t Democratic!

    4. @Reality Check Unfortunately, by your last statement, the USA is indeed a republic, and not democratic.
      (Let’s hope that’s what B m meant.)

    1. @James Sanders The status quo. Conservatives are ppl who fundamentally fear any change, unless it’s to revert to their memory of some ideal past that never existed.

  10. The NRA doesn’t have to give, just like I give NO f&*ks for them. As a gun owner and avid shooter, the NRA DOES NOT speak for me.

    1. Hey pigdoc I agree, I also do a lot of shooting & NRA hasn’t used a dime of mine because I won’t give it. National Russian Alliance=NRA. Follow the $

    2. @Pigdoc and @Joseph, Thank you! The voice of “non reckless gun owners” is much needed in this conversation and seldom heard bc the NRA is so loud.

  11. *They are Invasions, they come in tanks, APC’s, Special Forces, suicide bombers, low flying Helicopters, and Snipers, heavy Artillery, and Biological weapons of mass destruction, like we do to other countries !*

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