Obama campaigns in Georgia as early voting surges in runoff

Former President Barack Obama returned to Georgia to campaign for Sen. Raphael Warnock ahead of the Senate runoff election against Republican Herschel Walker. CNN's Eva McKend has more. #CNN #News


  1. Herschel Walker recently said, “Halloween makes me nervous.” When children knock on my door I’m not sure if they want candy or child support..🤨

  2. Democrats really need to thank Obama for these midterms results. He brought energy to the campaign like nobody else could.

    1. @Not Entirely Apathetic you are a clown. Everybody in the comment section is laughing at you. Quit embarrassing yourself, bro.

    2. @Not Entirely Apathetic, in order to prove that you lied we would have to show that you know that you’re spewing fictitious nonsense. You may just be ignorant as opposed to being a liar.

    1. “America must repent “—— Raphael Warnock
      Remember this is alll on purpose
      Dec 2020— gas $1.89 inflation .2%

    2. Yup…a no brainer for people who are not critical thinkers!
      Voting for Hershey just because he was a great football player back in the 80’s makes sense to these no brainers!

  3. Maybe the people who didn’t vote the first time saw how close Walker came, and aren’t going to make that mistake again.

    1. @Charles Dotson lol… God wants nothing to do with the DNC who promotes peedos and allows fentanyl and human traffickers through our border with a child as an immigration token. Pretty sure God is against the Sunni muslims who murder the innocent for their religious beliefs… that Obama gave 150B and Biden “left behind” 83B in weapons for.

    1. She might “know” Herschel but I bet my farm she wouldn’t let him date her granddaughter.
      These southerners be thinking “let’s vote the black man in, just don’t let him come to dinner.

  4. Did she say “a no brainer for us”, perfect answer, because it is a No Brainer for and with Him. So it’s like all No Brainers stick together encouraged by the leading No Brainer, DJT.
    This lady is a perfect ad campaign for Warnock.

  5. Imagine having so little self respect that you look at someone like walker and think “yeah, that’s what I want representing me”

    1. @hockey addict
      The Hiltons, Kardashians, and Honey Boo also once had top ratings with millions of watchers.
      People tuning in to low quality/cheap entertainment to fill their boring lives, doesn’t give those reality “stars” substance, kid.
      Don the Con was born on home plate, with his daddy constantly bailing him out and giving him over half a billion $$.
      That may be worthy of fandom and worship in your book, kid, but not in mine.
      Maga groupies worship a corrupt grifter.
      It’s pathetic.
      No one needed to worship or follow Biden around to know he has more integrity than Phony Soprano.
      Keep on bowing down to and bending over for your hero, kid.

    2. @hockey addict
      Did you write that with a straight face?
      You sure are ignorant.
      Don the Con has taken MANY loans over the years.
      In the past 10 years, no US based financial institution would lend him $$ any more.
      His current loans are with Deutsch Bank in Europe.
      He still owes them at least $400-500 million.
      Is someone paying you to cheerlead for Don the Con with false info?
      Or are you seriously that uninformed ?

    3. @hockey addict
      So not worshipping an idol like you do is “jealousy” ?
      Then go ahead and call me “jealous”, maga groupie.
      I had an awesome childhood with my parents, and I have fun and enjoy being a parent with my son.
      Don the Con never had that, nor did that with his own kids.
      I’m sure that his daddy’s $ were a cheap filler.
      Keep on idolizing him, maga groupie.

    4. @Nil Nil apparently republican voters dont. Walker has no policies, neither do the Repubs. Name me one plan they are offering- not just some vague “we’ll do something about inflation”, an actual plan as in they are going to do X Y Z. You cant because repubs have none.

    5. They see a puppet they can control, and because he’s Black and in a southern state, he’d be used as a mouthpiece to say the things they can’t.

    1. @Haircafe
      Herschel Walker: ” They’re not helping you out because a lot of money is going to trees. We’ve got enough trees. Don’t we have enough trees around here?” 🤣

  6. “We don’t know his opponent but we know Herschel”…Yes, if you know him, that’s why you need to vote AGAINST him!

  7. Georgians send Walker back to his home in Texas like Pennsylvania sent Quack Dr. Oz back to his home in New Jersey👍👍👍

    1. Joel Greenberg got sentenced 11 years for
      Child Trafficking on behalf of ‘Matt’ Gaetz!
      Him, and, separately, ‘Gym’ Jordan have
      a lot to answer for!

  8. The question is whether or not the voters are smart enough to vote for someone who is working for them!!! That lady said “no-brainer”..anyone voting for Walker is a “no-brainer.”🤯

    1. What has Warnock done in his two years, that makes you think that he works for the citizens of Georgia or the country

  9. 👍👍 You go, Obama. Tons of positive energy from our former President, which scares the s*** out of the MAGA’s.

    1. I hope lady is not on insulin….ur senator for last 2 yrs (Warnock) partly responsible for the bill that passed to cap insulin prices. Now u know lady. Send Walker back to TX!

  10. “That’s the America I know. That’s the country we love. Clear-eyed. Big-hearted. Undaunted by challenge. Optimistic that unarmed truth and unconditional love ❤️ will have the final word. That’s what makes me so hopeful about our future. I believe in change because I believe in you, the America people.”

    ~ Barack Obama, American lawyer, writer, politician, activist, humanitarian, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, who served as the 44th President of the United States of America 🇺🇸

  11. Georgia voter here- did early voting for Warnock yesterday, and the line went smoothly for anybody thinking about voting early

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