Obama Lawyer: What's Taking So Long To Impeach Trump? | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Obama Lawyer: What’s Taking So Long To Impeach Trump? | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal joins Ari Melber to discuss “what took [Nadler] so long” to confirm the President “ought to be impeached.” Katyal argues Trump has been using the Justice Department to “pardon his friends” but also to “throw the book” at “his political enemies.” Aired on 09/16/19.
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Obama Lawyer: What's Taking So Long To Impeach Trump? | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Six people die this year from e-cigarettes and tRUMP bans them. Six people die from drug trials and tRUMP pushes to have the drug prescribed, by the truckloads, to Vets.
    53 People Died in Mass Shootings in August Alone in the U.S. tRUMP DOES NOTHHING!

    1. Melanin_Jamica
      even more ridiculous, 6 people total die from e-cigarettes and they want to ban them and 480,000/year from regular cigarettes and no ban. That makes sense. Yeah and they should have acted on guns too but you know those people love their guns more than children.

    1. Because she knows the Senate has nothing to convince him on. It’s not really Pelosi is the fact Trump has committed no crimes.

  2. Pelosi said, “I don’t want to impeach him. I want him in prison”. But if she thinks he belongs in prison, she has a duty to impeach.

    1. @Lillian Matos humm couldn’t you say the same for you? And if their opinions are based on misguided information and they are for something as serious as impeachmening a duly elected President than why not try to help them at least understand the other side of the argument.

    2. @Rich B really do you have a meducal licence by any chance. Cease being a Mocker. I have my right toob exercise freedom of speech. You’re just a Bully like 45!

  3. That question from Kamala was absolutely Barr trying to avoid the question because he didn’t want to commit perjury. Period.

    1. Which would be a good follow up question-“Are you avoiding answering because you do not want to commit perjury?”

  4. If our democracy wasn’t broken, 45* would have been impeached *and* removed from office 2+ years ago. And a lot of the fault is on us US citizens: if we simply engaged in non-violent mass *and* sustained protest (as seen in Puerto Rico and Hong Kong), 45* would have been out over 2+ years ago. That we are not standing up to defend our democracy at this level is a deeply disturbing sign.

    1. Progressive Humanist Yes, indeed. I don’t want America to fail. It is failing unless we stop Trump and the Republicans who support him. Look we are about losing Middle East. Erdogan, Rouhani and Putin is leading Middle East. US has the strongest military but trump and republicans are giving ME to these 3 countries.

    2. @Mike Ray So, U.S. not supporting democracy, anymore, Doc? How stupid are you not to know that a Republic is just a form of democracy, that it’s a representative democracy because citizens elect most government officials? Believe the nation with the purest form of democracy is Switzerland, but that hardly makes other nations such as the U.S. or U.K. undemocratic. Yet, still ANOTHER Republican that flunked Civics 101 and doesn’t even know the basics about his own government! The U.S. does have one bug featured in our system of government that is outdated and undemocratic: the electoral college.

    3. @Rich B Take your pick, Doc! They should start with Trump raping your momma and being too cheap to pay for your abortion!

    4. @Jukka Ollikainen The Republicans are using Trump and vice-versa. What Republicans really fear are their voters, who continue to support Trump, even though many elected Republicans perceive the danger to nation and their political party. Instead of being the leaders they were elected to be, they are corrupt cowards betraying democracy and our nation, more concerned with their personal fortunes and ambitions getting reelected than protecting and preserving our Constitution.

      Still admire and think Snowden a patriot. Hopefully, our next President pardons him.

      Globalization itself is a good thing, but–like everything else–how we go about it can make it something bad. That’s the beauty and joy of being human…we get to decide how we want to live, the societies we choose to create in which to live. Something not working well? Change it, tweak it, make it better! Don’t get bogged down in labels like capitalism or socialism, which are merely tools at our disposal.

  5. Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen hospitals and when rescuers try to help Saudi bombs the area again, this is called a double-tap. They have bombed busloads of school children, blockaded ports to starve the population and bombed water plants and sewage plants all with US military arms causing widespread cholera. Total genocide and US News media is silent but when Yemen retaliates and bombs Saudi oil fields, then corporate news media is outraged. 9 of the terrorist that caused 9/11 were Saudi nationals and they are a terrorist organization to their own people, let’s be clear about that, and now Trump wants to bring us into his re-election war.

  6. What’s taking so long. Indeed. Do the crime means do the time. No one is above the law, especially abusers of power

    1. @Rich B…Not true. If Trump submitted false information, unless the IRS had subpoenaed original bank documents, it would have gone unnoticed. But, even if we were to give Trump a pass on tax and bank fraud…there are still the crimes of obstruction of justice, four examples minimum that have been sited in the letter by 500 former federal prosecutors when they said: “Each of us believes that the conduct of President Trump as described in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report would result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice, if it weren’t for DOJ policy of not prosecuting a sitting president.” Only one example of obstruction is required for impeachment.
      Then just last week it was reported that Trump’s 2018 federal financial disclosure forms state conflicting information to what he told UK financial regulators. Filing false federal financial disclosure forms carries a penalty of 5 years in prison, and is is sufficient grounds for impeachment.
      Then there are the dozens of examples of emoluments violations.
      Oh, BTW, the tax forms that were leaked were incomplete. It was a simple summary page, there was no actual specific accounting included. Trump prior to his presidency avoided prosecution of numerous crimes by playing the system, in knowing that local DA offices had limited budgets to pursue white collar crimes. Those restrictions no longer exist as president. This will all play out in the next 9 months or so…and Trump will either be impeached, or so damaged politically by the fallout of the House impeachment investigation and others that reelection will be a distant dream. The fact is, Trump lost the popular vote in 2018, and won the electoral college by a slim margin…80k votes spread over three swing states. After witnessing 4 years of Trump’s incompetence, arrogance, criminality, and lies…there are many who voted for him in 2018 who will not be repeating that mistake in 2020. Remember, republicans are the MINORITY party in this country. There are more democrats, and combined with reasonable independants….there is no chance Trump will be reelected.

    2. @Mr Jones lol, it’s funny because liberals have been tricked into thinking Meuller coming to a conclusion on Obstruction and Meuller prosecuting him on Obstruction are the same thing. The DOJ policies restrict Meuller from indicting a sitting President but that has nothing to do with coming to a conclusion. Just like Meuller came to a conclusion on Conspiracy/collusion he had all the power and resources to come to a conclusion on Obstruction. Instead he knew there wasn’t really a case on that and passed the conclusion question to the AG


    3. @Rich B Not even in your wildest, warped, wicked Russian dreams, Doc! Innocent people have nothing to hide, and it’s plain for everyone to see Trump is not innocent! Problem for Republicans, and the good thing for America is, nobody’s buying their Russian/GOP B.S. anymore.

    4. @wily wascal this is way to general of a statement. So what specifically do you think Trump is guilty of and what evidence is there to warrant an investigation? You can’t just harrass people and investigate them with no due cause. And did you just call me doc like bugs bunny does lol

    It’s in the constitution and trump has violated it since day one. Put _that_ out in public and DARE constitutional lover, Mitch to say it doesn’t exist.

  8. Too much dark money running this country. The people in Washington work for them! How do we restore democracy and try to have a say in our country again. I will vote but most if not all are selected not elected by us!

    1. Rich B
      Aside from the ignorance of the question, the prosecution happens in the House and the sentencing, as in removing trump from office, is job of the Senate.

    2. @Ganiscol Exactly, The Seante basically turns to a courtroom. So what impeachable offenses will the Seante convict him on. I don’t see any.

    3. @Rich B they have none. Obama commited worse crimes than Nixon. We impeached Nixon. We relected Obama. Now some are trying to impeach Trump, who hasn’t done anything wrong, and has in fact, got our country in the best shape in decades. Odd.

  9. When Mcgahn testifies it will all be over for Bone spurs, Barr, smelley ann, Rosenstin and brown nose reindeer Guiliani.

  10. GET ON WITH IT CONGRESS! Stop saying that “the people” do not want him impeached. This country is falling apart right now!

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