Odd For An Election Year: Trump Proposes Massive Health Care Cuts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks back at the burden Paul Ryan's health care cuts were to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, and notes Donald Trump's apparently ill-considered budget proposal to cut a trillion dollars from Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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Odd For An Election Year: Trump Proposes Massive Health Care Cuts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Pamela Davis even if you prove him to be guilty he’s still a hundred times better than anyone dems got. They are a sick joke.

    2. @Jeremy Backup you keep saying Obama blah blah he’s lucky he didn’t get locked up for treason, besides we like Trump so much because we know he drives y’all crazy 😂 another four years tinker bells.

    3. Ray Dirkin They cheered for Hitler no matter what he did or said then they said Oh we didn’t know . Any Democrats are better than following the devil .

    4. Merrilou Neigenfind No, just back up assertions with facts … verbal diarrhea and disinformation is rampant in this place. Murica!

    5. Merrilou Neigenfind nfi about Trump supporters but everyone wants to see the trash thrown out and prosecuted. Hammer time.

  1. Lying ryan got replaced by lying Lindsay.. History repeats itself Romney and Ryan did nothing but lie and their massive cuts and now we have the biggest liar in the white house and wants to do massive cuts to social security health care and all the other social nets and raised taxes on the middle class and poor and cut taxes on the rich so we already know the outcome of this election. Brain traumatic injuries aren’t that serious and fires vindman and his twin brother for legally answering a subpoena so there goes trumps military votes. We already know the outcome of the election bye bye trump. Ny is salivating to arrest trump as soon as he’s out of office and Rudy is next he’s under investigation also and they have evidence on him and getting more. Barr will be investigated after he’s out of office and so will be Moscow Mitch Lindsay Graham Matt gaetz and Devin Nunez but Nunez is gonna get voted out this year. California is tired of Nunez and his lies and being corrupt.

  2. Although this is an appalling piece of news, the people who will be worst affected are the poor and poorly educated of which 60M support trump.
    Trouble is, people who voted against trump will also be affected.

    Careful what you wish for.

    1. It really is a case of you reap what you sow, but these ppl voting for Trump are too dumb and too blind to see how they keep self-sabotaging.

    2. As usual Dotard’s base are going to be the turkey’s voting for xmas/thanksgiving…and they just don’t seem to care that they know they are gonna get stuffed and cooked. It would be hilarious to see them lose their minds if it finally happened, if not for the fact they would be bringing the same fate to those who opposed being eaten.

    3. They will never know. While they repeat trump’s lies, they’ll be like frogs in a pot of slowly heating water on the stove. By the time they realize it’s boiling, it’s too late.

    4. H.L. Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    5. When a president is confident enough to say things negative about what Americans worry most about, like health care!! He knows he’s rigging the elections with the help of foreign hackers!! Wake up!!

  3. Trump is on record stating that if he ever ran for President he’d run as a Republican because they have the dumbest supporters. They will holler, cheer and chant all while he steals their health care 🤦‍♀️

    1. Anything to keep our freedom out of hands of democrats, we pay for our health-care so we not getting cuts only free loaders.

    2. @Bono Budju Show me where he said it “on live TV”.
      I’m as left-leaning as they come and I don’t believe he ever actually said that. Just because someone quoted it onto an old picture of Trump, doesn’t mean he ever actually said it. You know how easy it would be fake something like that?

  4. brilliantly explained, ty dr maddow. he clearly believes that nothing matters anymore, that nothing can stop him since the vote in the senate together with no vote on election security bills. we must vote in record numbers in the general election in order to counter him, and using paper ballots. this election may quite seriously be the last election otherwise.

    1. …and how long have you been having these thoughts? The hat, is it all foil or just the pointy part? Does your dog feel the same way about Trump?

    1. Putin rolled him up to the door and the undereducated let him in. Putin played these people like a fiddle by playing on their fears. Now we all must be at risk and pay the price for these people’s choices.

    1. @First Last no because medicare and SSI disability are two different entities. Im sure she is al broken up about you goasting her. She probably didnt notice. It sad you think your that important.

    2. @Christopher Neathery Most of the republicans I know of that voted for Trump live in a trailer…seriously…dozens of them…the undereducated is his base.

    1. paul ryan is enjoying that half million dollars the Koch brothers donated to his superpac / after he orchestrated the passage of trumps (Koch brothers)tax bill

    2. I think Rachel explained it as: Ryan hates #3, but he sees that #3 and the followers would find a way to force him out. His “only” solution: retire. It’s true: everything donnie touched dies!

      (There was a small sound bite, where Rep were talking before #3 was elected (or sworn in?) where Ryan said in a conference call (something like): “… and we all realize that we can’t let #3 get elected. We would all spiral down & never recover…..”

  5. What’s so odd about trump doing massive cuts to social programs in an election year – trumps base is so enamored with him they’ll support anything he proposes – even to cutting off their noses.

    1. Look what Jim Jones cult followers did, when he told them to drink the poison koolaid. Trumps cult followers are no different. And don’t even try to explain this to them. Typically after a person leaves a cult they have to be deprogrammed.

    2. I think he’s trying hard to commit “political suicide,” but the followers wont let him go! If & when they wake up & confront him, (which yes—I’d pay money to see in person), he’d say: you falling for all of it, sure isn’t my fault!
      And for once in his life, he’d be *telling the truth!*

    3. Nothing we can do, we warned them this would be the end result, just like we warned them about Bush Jr years ago. Apparently as long as Libs hate something, then Trump supporters are fine with getting screwed.

  6. Your “tax cuts” divided by the Medicare cuts = an unhealthy rise in medical bankruptcies. “We’ll see what happens”

    1. Emineo
      Maybe because he said he had a better and cheaper healthcare plan which everyone would love but we’re still waiting.

    2. @Emineo but cutting the budget of the department helping fight the Corona virus ? I mean you’re asking for an epidemic

  7. Hes taking a big chunk of their Social Security 35 percent listen to them cry then and Disability and medicaid . Get this nutjob out of office now

  8. And this is *immediately following* the SOTU speech in which this same … “in-duh-vid-you-al” … claimed he was all about protecting healthcare provision. I mean, we all knew he was lying like a dog – he always does – but the whiplash is real here.

    1. I’m not counting on a fair election one bit. For starters, this administration owns the voting machines, and the Senate sees no reason for any oversight. Green light means go, so it’s time to buckle up.

  9. But it was his big proposal that -“YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST HEALTHCARE EVER!”

    And these fools keep falling for his LIES!

    1. @David Gray I’m not really a Trump fan but I have no choice but support him the dems have become everything I despise. I wish you or no one else any harm friend was just having a laugh. Have you bother to question that the dems are guilty of some things themselves because what I’ve seen is a act of desperation ever since Trump took office. I know very well Trumps faults and not trying to deny that he has issues but you may be very surprised at what the left has been up to the past 8 years. Put it this way it’s bad enough that I’m supporting Trump to keep them out. Democrats aren’t the party they used to be and is at risk of never returning, they have gone way left.

    2. @Ray Dirkin true that the Democratic party has changed and mostly for not so good. But there is nothing they do now that comes close to corrupt greedy controlling elite of Republicans. Vote blue no matter who, even if you have to hold your nose, vote blue!

    3. Ray Dirkin Fair enough. My question is why is the model of “socialism” as evidenced by the European countries automatically invalid? Especially for healthcare.
      In my job, just this week, I had to give a couple of parents with an adult child (not yet determined disabled after an catastrophic injury) the choice between paying $1,500/mo for health coverage for their child or to stop claiming the child as a tax dependent so she can get Medicaid. The system we have is a crazy hodgepodge of insurance gouging and government programs that are getting less effective because of the insurance company lobbies and holes punched into the cost mitigation parts of what was the ACA from litigation. Not to mention the proposed Federal budget cuts.
      Medicare for All is a simpler straightforward answer to providing for all Americans.
      We act like it’s a badge of honor to deny ourselves a healthy workforce, and to need Doctors Without Borders to come to America to provide health services to Americans.
      We won’t even agree to take care of our own people!
      I don’t care who the mouthpiece of America is (although Trump has been particularly inarticulate and abrasive).
      I care that our country has third world health coverage for it’s citizens.

    4. @M Boren if they could adapt a healthcare system that worked I would have no issues with this, it really is bad I know myself but socialism is a very slippery slope and I understand some countries have adopted both parts socialism and capitalism but do we really trust or government to do the right thing, France was face with a similar situation and that was the selling point to the French people healthcare at top of list, well it’s only been a few years and they’re in the streets protesting saying this isn’t what we voted for 😨

  10. Sounds like someone very confident in winning the election. Now, where did those voting machines Ivanka got trademarks for actually end up?

    1. They are getting fixed. Someone added a choice, Democrat or Republicans. They are disabling the Democrat choice.

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