Off The Market: U.S. No Longer Interested In Buying Greenland | MSNBC 1

Off The Market: U.S. No Longer Interested In Buying Greenland | MSNBC


Secretary of State Antony Blinken has confirmed that the United States is no longer interested in buying Greenland. Former President Donald Trump said in August 2019 that the U.S. was considering buying it.

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    1. @Muddy Water Notice MAGAZombies automatically assume someone who doesn’t pray to Baby Cheesus like they do is a filthy foreigner? U.S. citizen in America, not sorry. You probably believe Obama is really a Muslim Kenyan national too!

    1. If I meet a visitor from another country I am going to speak with a fake foreign accent and pretend that I’m just hear for medical treatment not currently available in my home country.

    1. Didn’t you read the New York Times article about the inner workings of the White House? It was published last week and it was very surprising coming from the Times. Joe often times flies off the handle and gets mad at his staff members. He takes a very long time to make a decision on a very simple matter. Some hinted that he bullied some low-level staff members.
      There also seems to be some tension between the First Lady and our vice president Kamala Harris. In her book the first lady described vice president Kamala Harris and use the F word.
      There is now some controversy about Joe’s unilateral action to hold work on the Keystone XL pipeline which eliminated thousands of well-paying construction jobs, upset our Northern friends in Canada as well as upsetting the state governments of the states where the pipeline would pass through. Most recently Joe lifted sanctions on companies that were imposed by Trump, these companies are helping Russia build their pipeline. A lot of people are scratching their head at that decision. So we’re beginning to wonder what’s going on in DC and in the White House.

    2. @Dave McMillan No, you must be uninformed because this was in the New York Times last week. It was very surprising to hear what in the times because they are one of our compliance media. You can put your head in the sand if you want but this is what they said.

    1. is he even capable of thinking in the first place? i’ve always thought it was diarrhea, just out a different hole

  1. It was yet another moment the Dumpster was running at the mouth on things he knows nothing about, which is pretty much all the time




    2. If Trump thinks its a good idea, you know its really a bad idea because there’s something fishy under the table, that man is only motivated by money and greed.

  2. ‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.’ They was amazed that I aced it. Donald Trump, incase any supporter chose to forget.

    1. That’s an improvement. Normally he acts like a two year old having a tantrum.
      Ahh… Children. They never really grow up, do they….

  3. I love that we have an intelligent, integrity driven president now. Every time I think of that, I have get a refreshing sense of comfort. Thank you President Biden!

  4. LOL ! 🙂 greetings from Denmark. Btw. the actual people living there werent that exited either 🙂

  5. How many times did that stable genius say “I don’t know” in that short interview. Too many times….

  6. There’s one for my grandkid’s archives–under the title, “When a Failing Land Developer tried to buy a Country”.

  7. I actually kind of miss the Stable Genius trying to word salad his way through an answer and failing miserably.

  8. I imagine after watching how the U.S treats its other territories they were like “nah we’ll just stick with Denmark. “

  9. Imagine the disappointed to discover that they won’t be part of Hysterica. They must be devastated! LOL

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