1. Even after his tantrum and trying to grab the steering wheel Trump was still too lazy to walk 2 blocks. 😂

  2. And what’s with the secret service deleting their messages?? The Secret Service is Compromised.

  3. I can’t think of anything more Un-American than refusing to testify when you’re the former VP who was threatened with a lynching.

    1. @LyingDogFace PonySoldier The committee has no members chosen by the minority because the first wave of suggested committee members include two men that would in all likelihood become targets of the investigation, and were rightfully rejected by the House Speaker as being in appropriate to serve in an investigation of their possible wrong doing. Instead of offering alternative names, your Republican House Minority leader decided to instead boycott the entire committee. So who, exactly, is to blame for little minority representation?

      Get your facts straight. That’s easier to do if you stop getting your news from Fox.

    1. @SH DMD “Wrong, to Garland, if she lied about one thing, everything she said is in question…”

      You missed my point. If it can be credibly shown that Trump did not try to take the wheel of the SUV and/or lunge at a Secret Service agent, it does prove that Cassidy Hutchinson lied; it could very well just mean that the person who told her these things lied. But, yes, if it turns out she clearly lied about anything she said it makes her a bad witness in regard to anything else she said.

      “…and by extension, the Jan 6 committee who put her on credibility is questioned.”

      Not so much. There is way too much testimony from way too many other witnesses for that to be the case.

    1. @Marta Caballero Those agents are not being kept from testifying. It’s up to them to come in or not. Ya an investigation into an insurrection at our Capitol where people died is what you consider a clown show. That says more about you then anyone else. The fact they haven’t come in and another officer collaborated her story is what’s telling.

    2. @Jao Bidan how do you know?? Were you there? Did you see, hear or attend anything in the white house? She was Meadows personal assistant who was in earshot of conversations, standing on the sidelines during meetings and was the go between with meadows and others. She’s seen and heard it. So if you weren’t there you don’t know anything about what she’s seen or heard.

  4. I believe you still can get the content of deleted messages, I think you have to ask their provider for the transcripts or the complete conversations

  5. If the Secret Service is deleting text messages which are to be used as evidence, then shouldn’t charges come down on people for evidence tampering?

    1. @Jay Goren No question about that! Paul Ryan was a “the budget hawk” when Obama was in office. Before and after? Not so much.

    2. @keith M
      After reading your multiple comments about trump and the alleged SUV incident, I’m going to tell you how I interpreted the details in your comment and Hutchinson’s testimony.

      To familiarise myself with the SUV, I googled it’s interior and seating arrangements. There’s two big bucket seats in the back with a console in between and its the same up front-two bucket seats and a console in between. All the seats have high head rests. There’s no plexiglass or screen between front and back.

      The driver was his Secret Service agent Robert Engel and back passenger was Tony Ornato (his then WH deputy chief of staff). I couldn’t find the name of the front seat passenger but video shows the back of a woman with very long wavy blonde hair getting in the front seat. It could’ve been Ivanka but it hard to tell as I didn’t see her face. SSA Robert Engel was driving, trump was seated directly behind Engel, Ornato was to his right.

      So trump is irate and not thinking clearly because wants to go to The Capitol and he is denied. No one thinks rational thoughts at the height of temper and trump wasn’t told “no” very often. After his demand is refused, he reached forward with his right arm over Engel’s right shoulder. The gap between the two front seats is large enough for that. Whether he actually got a hand on the wheel isn’t clear but I don’t think he was trying to drive the car himself. He was angry and trying to make a point. In Hutchinson’s testimony she said Ornato stated that Engel said “get your hand off the wheel sir”.

      There a short video clip of the incident but it’s difficult to make out clearly and due to the tinted windows and distance. Someone on Twitter enhanced and enlarged the clip and you can see trumps right hand reach over Engel’s shoulder before the clip finishes.

      The next part is the grabbing the drivers throat/chest area with his left hand/arm. It wouldn’t be comfortable but not unreasonable to think the top part of chest/shoulders were through the front gap. Somehow he was brought under control and they returned to the West Wing. I don’t think this is an impaulsible scenario.

      If you want to his see the SUV interior layout it easy to find on google. The short video was on twitter and again a quick search for “trump SUV incident Jan 6th” will take you there.

      You may not like my reply but at least I listened to you and took your request seriously. I’d ask you not to reply with aggression or name calling. I’m happy to hear what think about my impressions but only if you can be civil. Cheers ✌

    1. They need to be *_prosecuted._* Obstructing an investigation by trying to destroy evidence is a crime. The expectation that someone who breaks the law should only lose their job as a consequence, needs to stop. When civilians break the law, the punishment isn’t that they lose their job. They are charged, arrested, convicted in court, and then suffer a penalty of prison and/or a fine. As a bonus, when they fail to show up for work, they’ll eventually be fired.

  6. The Secret Service leadership and agents connected to the matter should be held accountable. This is an agency that seems to think, feel, or believe they are above others and can do whatsoever they please and deny, deny, deny. They are law breakers and should be dismissed from further duty with the service. These law breakers serve at the will of the American public interest, not their own interest. From recent events in the news, it is clear, in my view, the Agency has credibility, ethical, and personnel issues, even leadership failures.

  7. Cassidy had no reason to lie under oath. Thats a felony when its to the congress. That will get you a lot of years in jail. Why do you think all these senators are trying to get out of those subpoenas. everything she said is true to the best of her knowledge surely. A courageous young lady. I have alot of respect for her putting herself in harms way like that. She is even under protective custody now

    1. @Team Zissou All they said was Roe was a precedent. As most found out precedents aren’t laws.Lawyers know how use words to deceive you without lying.

    2. @Zennbubba did you not see the handwriting expert go over the note and her handwriting? Perfect match!

    3. @Jim Sachtjen You can say that about Coney-Barrett and Gorsuch, but Kav lied to Congress several times, like 5-6, and then he lied like a Trump during his Senate confirmation job interview.

    4. @Team Zissou You forgot to say in my opinion. And I can and will say it about all three. Hell anyone with half a brain knew why Trump picked those people. Because they would overturn Roe. And they did. They’re very skilled at how to hide their real intentions when being interviewed. Which is what they did. Yes they said one thing and did another. But they were well enough versed in legalise so as not to outright lie. 42 years as a lawyer 28 of which were on the bench I can understand it but can certainly understand why you can’t. Easy to hear what you think someone said when in actuality they were just telling you what you wanted to hear. That’s what good lawyers are experts at. It’s also known as the art of deception.

  8. If President Trump really used the words “overturn” to Mike Pence, then that would pretty conclusively establish intent. And, we already have Pence claiming he did on video, just not (yet) under oath. This could very well be why The Committee wants to speak with him though.

    1. @Michael Lucas Its gone too far to let up on Trump.
      It’s sad that Ivanka Trump died.
      That has nothing to do with what is going on.
      You can’t expect everything to stop because his ex-wife died.
      I can’t imagine Trump canceling his schedule activites because she died.
      It would be nice if I am wrong in this.

  9. Anyone from the secret service found culpable in this treasonous erasing of e-mail evidence should be made an example of. A lifetime sentence in prison without a bloody chance of parole. This is the gravest dereliction of duty to your Country. Disgraceful.

    1. Lotta traitors need to get what’s coming. We may have to release some lower level criminals to make room for the traitors. Or build more jails. Whatever it takes.

  10. The thought of these secret service agents willing to put their lives in danger, and lie to protect someone like trump is crazy….Talk about self – neglect.

  11. The altercation event itself is not so important. What is far more important is that the attempt to discredit Cassidy Hutchinson as an unreliable witness has failed “bigly” and that pretty much lends credibility to the entirety of her testimony.

  12. Years ago, a woman related a story about when she had to go through an entrance monitored by the USSS. She was wearing a t-shirt or had a mug or something similar with a caricature of W and beneath it was the line of “somewhere a village has lost their idiot.” She was concerned that he stopped her and was pointing it out. He was laughing and told her almost all SS agents were Republican, but not him and he wanted a buddy to see it because he thought it was hilarious. I never forget that because it’s wrong to staff an agency with personnel belonging to only one political party when the person they are supposed to be guarding could be of either political party. It has led to corruption. They need to clean house and recruit new blood. Maybe go back to being under Treasury. Now look at them. Deleting records. Accepting inappropriate gifts. Frat boy partying. It’s more than unseemly. It’s corrupt.

    1. Anytime you have a group reserve for special purpose , these things take place among the group. Human nature sucks

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