Officer identified in killing of Patrick Lyoya | USA TODAY

Grand Rapids police officer Christopher Schurr has been identified in the killing of Patrick Lyoya during an April 4 traffic stop.

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Schurr remains on administrative leave without police powers while an investigation into the shooting continues, Winstrom said.

Police said Lyoya was stopped for having an improper license plate on his vehicle. After the stop, he attempted to run from the officer, who chased and tackled him. The two men wrestled for the officer's stun gun before the officer pulled his pistol and shot Lyoya. An autopsy found he died of a single gunshot wound to the back of the head.

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    1. @Carpenter Sig this would not have happened if cops weren’t allowed guns. Putting a gun to the back of a person’s head and firing is an execution.

    1. The 2nd amendment is specifically against US government. We have the rights to disagree with government on many issues .

    2. No, that is the worst take. The cop had no idea to how to de-escalate a perpetrator in retreat. Cops should NOT be the arbiter on who gets to live or die. Take all traffic cop‘s guns away.

    3. @kelsie Brooks this is the most non critical take I’ve ever heard. Perspectives like this are why America is still a heavily racist nation.

  1. This was an execution. This officer’s life was not threatened by an unarmed man who he was holding down on the ground. This officer was on top of Patrick Lyoya, using his body to hold Lyoya down, then this officer had the time to pull his weapon and shot this man in the HEAD! The headshot was intentional! This murder was recorded.

    1. @James Jones yes. yes he is. and anything else that doesnt conform to his “all cops are bad” bias

    1. @Eric Cooke‘s Candle Wall
      Don’t get out of the car listen to the instructions of a cop and do what they say don’t retreat or whatever u said. U do what they say no matter what. White or black Asian Indian whatever u areeeeee!!!! Stay in the car don’t get out an act like u no them or don’t run or act like u are a threat end of story.

    2. @9th Immortal
      It’s not LIKE anything. This is its own situation. Illegal license on that car cop pulls him over and he immediately gets out the cop tried to tel him multiple times and he insisted on just not listening. It’s super sad that he thought he could just get out and do that no one can do that u have to listen to the cops. In this situation this didn’t have to happen, he just had to do the RITE thing, everything that a citizen is supposed to do get pulled over turn the car off crack the window put your hand on the wheel. And comply. but apparently we’re all blind by what the rite thing is to do. He would of either got a ticket went to Jail on a bond that’s it if he just did Wht he was supposed to do. It’s not like anything.

  2. You are a good man! You did a good thing! The world is a safer place today because of this hero. Thank you on behalf of ALL America!

    1. I support the beautiful chocolate skin person that was hassled because of his beautiful chocolate skin. The Cop was envious of the beauty of Patrick Lyoya. What other explanation would there be to a weakling shooting a man in the back of his head?

    2. I dont.
      He picked a hand fight he couldn’t win then simply chose to assassinate the guy.
      Its not like the cop was being attacked, he murdered a person in retreat.

  3. He has only been on the force for 7-8 years. We would like to see all the complaints filed against this WS Cop.

    1. Every cop in the country has complaints against him. People don’t like getting arrested you know

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