Officials provide an update on the collapsed condo in Surfside, Florida | USA TODAY 1

Officials provide an update on the collapsed condo in Surfside, Florida | USA TODAY


Authorities hold regular news conference to providing an update following the collapse of a condominium in June.
The demolition of the rest of the partially collapsed Florida condo building could come as early as Sunday as rescuers suspended their search for the remaining 121 people still unaccounted for and officials braced for an incoming tropical storm.»
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  1. This is so tragic. God help those victims, their families and the first responders who have to find them. How horrible.

    1. Tragedy could have been avoided had they been responsible homeowners and stopped bickering for 18 months. They didn’t want to fix building cost was too high. I guess they put a price tag on those 150 that perished. Greedy!

  2. Very tragic , God bless & prayers for victims and family & first responders,Thank you for all you do !! Happy fourth

    1. The US has some pretty advanced thermal imaging satellites, so they know anyways. It’s just the silly national security nonsense.

    2. Not going to be much left of most of the bodies, the amount of pressure from all that debris on to of them has probably pulverized everything including bone. They will have to hope that they can identify though DNA from sluge in most cases.

    3. @Sam Kay I think it’s more from the foundation turning into a bomb and exploding from extreme vertical and horizontal stress. That turned everything into small pieces. Lousy construction and maintenance. Old reinforced concrete buildings can sit abandon for decades and not collapse. Or topple over and still remain mostly intact. With the pool deck being stretched like a tarp by few functioning columns and dead weight of failing piles, it became a bomb. Besides the stupid idea of multi-story buildings close to an ocean,. they went for an under ground garage with no sump system. Data centers for computer serves use sumps. I believe it’s a code requirement for the coast in Australia to have a sump system.

  3. I appreciate the storm warnings but it wasn’t a storm that brought that condo down I’m just saying

    1. @NazmusLabs How about you pop a Squat and quit telling folks what they can and cannot say! Mind YOUR own business!

    2. @Chris Lodge absolutely agree. People really need to do their own research. Look up buildings that collapse and buildings that are demolished. Huge difference in how they fall. I for one have not been able to find one video that’s shows a pancake effect from a building just falling down.

    3. They wanted the show to end. This was giving the city a bad image and well you know $$$$$$$$

  4. Good grief it doesn’t look like rescue mission much longer and more of recovery especially after they demolish building

    1. Exactly. If they are going to bring the rest down, then they know something there not telling the public. If there’s any chance of survivors, they would not demo the standing structure!

  5. Wow .. I cannot believe this . So who ever and whatever is in their from pets and people are just gone . This is not ok .. my heart goes out to these families

    1. The side that is still up. The one that is set to be demolished.

      May Allah (S.W.T.) bestow upon you His Blessings and Guidance.

    2. I would never live my life in peace knowing that some animals were trapped in such situations. I hope they somehow managed to survive.

  6. This much attention to an event means your corrupt criminal governments had something to do with it.

    1. you probably believe the earth is flat, too, Stop being stupid when people are grieving

    2. @Patricia Randolph As a matter of FACT our world is a flat non- rotating earth. But if you took time to observe your surroundings and, actually research you would know that before slinging insults. God bless you. Take care pat.

    3. Actually the individual condo owners are to blame being they fought the repairs for 18 months. Only innocent are the children and those on petition to repair. Educate yourself!

  7. God have mercy at this very sad time for these people. A prayer circle has been on going for you from around the world. Praying you are finding charity, kindness and love in your tragedy. Keeping grace and dignity close to your hearts. Hoping you know you and your families are not alone.

  8. If you can get in to place explosive charges, why can’t you get the dog in the crate out? You know where it is.

    1. @Beren c 2 cats have been seen inside walking around in apartments and another person says their dog is in a crate inside their apartment. do u think the mayor would actually tell the public that yes, there are animals inside but we are bringing the building down anyway? people would be outraged. she will just say they didnt see any.

    2. @Christina W note than one person other than the mayor have verified there are no animals in the building .

      Where is footage of the cats , and is the owner of the dog on media stating his dog is in the building ?

    3. @Christina W I agree, and I am so outraged by this too…. they knew the apartment numbers, someone could have been lifted to that floor by the equipment they are using to lift people to place detonation material, they could have gone in and gotten the dog in the crate! They have had 11 days! That poor dog, 11 days in a crate… if he/she was still alive when the building came down I pray he/she was relieved of the suffering instantly…. O Lord have mercy….I am totally beside myself with grief……. God so loves animals. All life is sacred. We are the stewards of the earth and animals. We do an awful job of it. Risking our lives to save any life whether human or animal in any instance in which they are endangered, trapped, or whatever, is our job as stewards.

    4. @ShepherdCreation God does love animals , but He loves human more as man has an eternal soul .

  9. Coco the cat was seen walking around the apartment about 10 minutes ago but his fate is now sealed.

    1. someone go get coco…. if it were a child, they would be in there with a bucket truck. do the same for kitty.

    2. Human stupidity. I hope the cat somehow survived, sake with other poor animals trapped there.

    1. It’s interesting to note they have a mandated structural inspection every 40 years. That means a building could stand for 79 YEARS with only ONE inspection! Stupid!

  10. It’s not a “search and rescue.”

    The moment they blow the other part of the tower, that’s the death blow which officially begins “search and RECOVER” mode.

    Poor families man…. There’s a 99.99% chance their loved one is perished, but they cling to the irrational 1% chance false hope. The officials need to count up total number of dead total missing add them together and say “there are 150 dead casualties, and recovery operations are forthcoming.”

  11. Some of yall need to THINK…they HAVE to bring that building down before the storms so it wont topple over and blow large pieces into surrounding buildings at high velocity

  12. People need to realise how a demolition blows all chances of a thorough investigation being carried out. This is not right and if people are not prepared to do their jobs properly then they should not be in the job! Disgraceful is an understatement!

  13. The search for gold will continue after Elsa passes. Any Surfside victims discovered will be purely coincidental.

  14. I’m shocked at the incompetence of this whole operation, if I was a family member I’d be livid and in that pile my damn self

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