Ohio GOP Congressman Calls For Gun Reform | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Ohio GOP Congressman Calls For Gun Reform | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, has come out in support of restricting military-style weapon sales, magazine limits and red flag laws following mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 09/16/19.
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Ohio GOP Congressman Calls For Gun Reform | Morning Joe | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Ohio GOP Congressman Calls For Gun Reform | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Wow, a rational thinking Republican. Good on Mike Turner – he can think for himself and didn’t sell his soul to president Dumpster.

    • *MSNBC = More Sh!t Nothing But Crap*

    • Turner, a Reagan Republican. Moderate. People with Common Sense. TRUE Conservatives.

    • Al Yaz

      Yes. It’s really good to see him being on the right side of history oh this issue. He’s not equivocating or pandering and as a Republican he’s going to get a lot of flak for this. Good that he’s going to be an ally for gun control with Democrats.

    • @Todd Jones And here you are pooping the crap, go poop on Fox troll…

    • He sees public opinion changing under wants to hold on to his seat. So he throws his lobbyists under the bus. Typical keep power at any cost right winger.

  2. Trump is a national security threat but we still let him continue to destroy America and incite violence which is killing people. He needs to be Impeached immediately.

  3. Timmy the Poker Warrior | September 16, 2019 at 11:03 AM | Reply

    It takes a good guy with a 25mm cannon… (semi-auto, of course)

  4. So, it’s a big deal if a right-winger sides with reason.

  5. Unicorn On The Cob | September 16, 2019 at 11:31 AM | Reply

    Vote out Republicans. They are driven by money and personal gain. They care nothing about America and the people who live here. *Be patriotic and vote Blue.*

    • @yellow dog I have, those countries aren’t truly free

    • @Bro K … well, Russia sure isn’t, but I see little mass exodus of disgruntled citizens from any of the other countries I listed because they feel frightened enough or threatened enough to want to own a gun .. actually you can add Germany and Japan to the list… you can own a gun in Iran, though…

    • @Dmitri Fukov * The GOP has wrecked the country, increased the national debt, damaged our relationship with our friends and neighbors, lost the trust of countries that counts, threw the farmers under the bus and under the train too! Separated families, and terrorised victimized people. Screwed the world’s economy. Made an unnecessary debt for our innocent future generations to pay off. Ignoring global warming nearly gauranteeing that mankind will mimic the dinosaur’s exit. The biggest error was letting a racist, Neanderthal, destroy the world. We should have learned something in1945.

  6. VOTE Blue!! The gop is owned by big gun and dont care about american lives

  7. Socrates Inglessis | September 16, 2019 at 11:52 AM | Reply

    It wasn’t a tragedy, it was an act of domestic terrorism. The tragedy is the reaction, or the inaction more specifically.
    The USA is unique in this form or murderous dysfunction.
    Europe went through the horrors of violence spiraling out of control twice after hundreds of yers of wars.
    Let’s hope the US doesn’t need to experience that horror.

  8. So we live in fear of the three lobbyists. Ok?

    • @Tomandtob They did indeed outspend the NRA, but on the Democratic side. The Republicanicans listen to the NRA.
      Edit: Oh and Twittler listens to them too evidently because they’re smart enough to have understood that he does what the last person he talked to wanted him to do.

  9. The Westwing Wiseguy don’t “DO” no Constitutional Law😲

  10. Now that gun violence comes to his town and his daughter, Rep Turner suddenly supports gun legislation. What a brave and caring man he is.

    • thats what its going to take for some of them. unless they, themselves are personaly impacted, they just dont fukn care.

    • All Republicans are the same. They’re against all human rights and freedoms except when it impacts them personally. Most self-centered and selfish people the world has ever seen!

  11. Take away the NRA legal bribe money then none of the politicians will be such staunch supporters.

    • @Lazor Wolf … thought you altrightwing tough guy snowcucks appreciated nonpolitical correctness, personal attacks, and name calling?… thought that’s what you like about treasonous trump?…

    • @Lazor Wolf Exactly, and that’s the big difference between Americans and the rest of the world. We don’t mind losing that little bit of freedom to murder children in exchange for the safety of not having our children murdered but it’s anathema to Americans to even consider it.

    • @Alan Baird … they’re too frightened of the mythical brown hordes of murderous negroes and Latinos… not to mention radical Muslims…

    • @yellow dog I see your heart is filled with hate and it cannot help but spill out at others. You are the type person that should have a mental check before owning a firearm, you have made threats to shoot those you do not agree with. What a sad existence to hate others so much. Still no explanation of your interpretation of the 2nd amendment.

  12. Translation: GOP Congressman pitches for more NRA money

  13. Puttentane Same | September 16, 2019 at 2:50 PM | Reply

    Bozo NRA money-grubbing GOPers do not represent the vast majority of Americans. NOPE. VOTE ‘EM OUT NOW.

  14. The NRA is not a branch of government.

  15. OKAY, how about a ‘Different’ kind of background checks…

  16. We need to follow Chris Rock’s advice, just make bullets 5000 bucks a box.

  17. Background checks on bullets instead of guns would be a good thing to do. California has implemented this already– it’ll be interesting to see the stats in a year or five.

  18. Conclusion: the president dictator of the USA is a CROOK!

  19. Why would someone living in your neighbourhood need or want a military assault rifle? On its face that seems like some kind of disqualifying paranoia and/or mental instability.


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