Ohio Senate candidates Tim Ryan, J.D. Vance debate abortion, police | USA TODAY

Author J.D. Vance and U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan took to the debate stage for the first time ahead of the November 8th election.

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"Hillbilly Elegy" author J.D. Vance and U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan faced off in the first debate of the general election hosted by Cleveland's FOX 8 News. Ryan and Vance are running to replace retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman in the Nov. 8 election.

The candidates accused each other of being responsible for job losses and putting party loyalty ahead of voters’ needs. Vance said Ryan had supported policies that led to a 10-year-old girl in Ohio being raped. Ryan said Vance had started a “fake nonprofit” to help people overcome addiction issues.

The two also accused each other of being beholden to their party, with Ryan echoing a comment from former President Donald Trump in calling Vance an “a— kisser” and Vance saying Ryan’s 100% voting record with President Joe Biden means he’s not the reasonable moderate he says he is.

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    1. @over easy lmao both police and firemen also abuse their positions and authority. I don’t want to contribute to my community and I shouldn’t be forced to. Police are only worried about making the govt money. I got in a wreck with someone and I had liability. The cop cited the other person and made them pay a fine to the state. Did they make them pay for my totaled car? No. They said it’s up to me to collect. So why give the other guy a citation for wrecking my car, but don’t make him pay for my car? Crooked a.f.

    2. @Terry Bolea There is people that do bad jobs in every profession. Before you can trash all people of that profession, you should evaluate yourself in comparison.
      I fully understand why you don’t want to do that.

    3. @over easy compare myself to what? Police? Most are kids who got picked on in high school who want to feel powerful or they’re ex military and probably shouldn’t be in high stress situations because of PTSD. So by comparison Im happy I’m not them

  1. Many of our politicians are in in for their own power, money, and financial gain, therefore they are not serving the people. Take away all the perks, take away the play for pay. Hold them accountable to the same laws and standards we are required to, then we can see how much they really care for their fellow humans.

    1. @Dakota the plumber nope this Calvin played defense on offense. And I was a fan of the Autobots lmao

  2. How about more college educated cops with degrees in criminology and an actual understanding of the laws they try to enforce…before they even get into boot camp

    1. @Dakota the plumber ok Karen, first of all you worship that guy!!
      So yeah, someone has them living in there head rent free as you say.
      Now go away sheep.

      Come repeat after everyone like a nice little sheep.
      “Let’s go braaaahhhhdon”

    2. @Dakota the plumber so you’re showing me what a clown you are ok Ken.

      Laters 🐑

      “Let’s go braaaahhhhdon”
      Nice little sheep.

      Laters kiddo.

    1. She does not go far enough make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House and he will show America what corruption really is

  3. It’s pitiful when the country is in such turmoil economically, domestically and nationally and all you got to defend is shading innocent blood with abortion.

    1. Are the Democrats paying you to say that?
      Because that would piss off 80% of Women Voters
      It doesn’t matter how gerrymanded a district is no Republican would win in that environment

    2. @James Ricker Well I’m a woman and honestly I’m from Ohio and Yes I’m this prolife, and a lot of the people I know are this prolife as well

    3. Pro life? No such position. You have pro choice and antiabortion. Anyone who supports the death penalty is not pro life. Anyone who uses leather products Is nothing pro life, anyone who is pro gun is not pro life.
      Just have the courage to admit it’s anti abortion. It not about the fetus it’s about control and trying it to put women out of the work force. It’s about men dominating women

  4. Get rid of qualified immunity and cops will think twice before putting their jobs and careers in jeopardy!! OVERNIGHT we’ll have a better system for law enforcement!! 💯

  5. Let the people vote on it. It’s almost guaranteed most do not want a total abortion ban.
    The fact that this issue was left to the states is great achievement. Now the people can have a voice.

  6. One Of The Most Repulsive & Insidious News Clips, I Have EVER Seeen, Was A News Conference Of A Police Officer Who Was Talking On His Cell Phone, On A None Business Call, That Went Through A Stop Sign, And Killed The Only Two Children Of A Local Vice Principal, Shaking Hands & That Cop Walking Away Free Without Even A Ticket✝️✝️✝️

  7. We should NOT have different abortion laws in California than Ohio. Two men debating abortion is the height of arrogance. Neither should be up there. Either one would PAY FOR an abortion for his 12 year old daughter who had just been raped. Women are the only ones who should decide whether to end a pregnancy. It is no business of the government or organized religion. Laws against abortion are in essence codifying religion into the law. I believe that is against the First Amendment. These people dearly love the Second Amendment, but seem to have trouble with the FIRST.

    1. @Alex Wyatt I completely agree that when it comes to abortion, the individual should make that decision. And, because, in reality, whether one chooses to abort an ‘unwanted’ child or not, it is based on her morals! Some would never, myself included! Some may not be as emotionally affected by one such act! Making it political, and encouraging ‘commitment’ to one side or another just shoves morality to the side! The ‘issue’ of abortion should never have been a topic of such political significance!! Just the opinion of one who is not a politician!🤷🏼‍♀️

    2. @John Cena You get an “F” for reading comprehension. Another user claimed that abortion was a moral issue. I replied to _them_ that morality is an individual belief, so by their own logic abortion should be left up to the individual.

      I’ve never asserted that _I_ believe abortion is a moral issue.

    3. @Alex Wyatt What I was saying is that you asserted that if abortion is seen as a moral issue that the decision should automatically be left up to the woman. I am saying that’s not true.

  8. There’s so many people being killed, why? Because their being told that life has no value! All this ragging about pro choice has declared to all that life has no meaning. If a babies life is meaningless we all are. I am the way, truth and life, no one comes to the father except thru me. John 14:6 Repent & believe in Jesus, he loves you and can change your heart.

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