Oklahoma Republicans argue to let teachers use corporal punishment on special needs students #Shorts

Oklahoma lawmakers failed to pass a state House of Representatives bill that would prohibit corporal punishment against school students with disabilities.

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  1. Spare the rod spoil the child. This is what has happened to the generation of hoodlums that we are raising these days

  2. When I was in Jr High back in the 60s the Vice Principal would woop your butt for any minor issue. Just what we need to bring back, sadistic schooling.

  3. Do not use your religion to justify putting your hands on a child that is not your own and who does not understand why you are hitting them. This is absolute bull crap that you’re even discussing this!

  4. Reads: teachers use corporal punishment
    Thought: I remember this. Maybe it is a good idea. We’re missing that healthy fear.
    Reads: special needs students
    Thought: What The F**k are we talking about again?

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