Omar Says Her Years In A Refugee Camp Were Not As Bad As What Migrant Kids Are Enduring Now | MSNBC 1

Omar Says Her Years In A Refugee Camp Were Not As Bad As What Migrant Kids Are Enduring Now | MSNBC


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) tells Mehdi Hasan that what she saw at a U.S. facility for unaccompanied migrant kids is worse than what she endured as a child in a Kenya refugee camp, as she and her family waited to come to the U.S.. Listen as she describes her conversation with a 12-year-old boy about their shared experiences. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Omar Says Her Years In A Refugee Camp Were Not As Bad As What Migrant Kids Are Enduring Now | MSNBC


    1. @Tessmage Tessera Lets adopt stakeholder capitalism and move away from shareholder capitalism. But you may be right.

    2. @E Theory Capitalism is a system that encourages and rewards greed and dishonesty and actually punishes honesty and generosity. It was a nice system for beginners, but it’s time for us to move onward to something new and better.

    1. Some people did something on January 6th. We do not need to blame every Republican for every crime of the insurrection.

    2. Oh how nice, a 2 day old account trying to misplace the people’s anger with these comments.

      Not to mention this pathetic goofball like bot his own comment

    3. English is a second language for her. Sometimes she says things that are different than the way you or I might say them.

  1. Odd how republicans weren’t making trips to the border in 2019 and staging night-time border patrols. I wonder what’s different now?
    At least they’re actually out there doing something, instead of their usual nothing.

    1. @bryanatwku Riiight, migrants “suddenly” reviewed Biden’s policies and right then, decided it was time to sell all their possessions and risk life and limb to cross the border.

      Go home. You’re drunk (on Koolaid).

    2. @neil mick, yeah that’s pretty much it. So how do you explain the 174% increase (since this time last year) in border crossings after Biden took office? Perhaps you are buying Biden’s reasoning that we have much better weather this year.

  2. Why push Biden? He’s not the one standing in the way. If the progressives legendary “voter pressure” works then use it on those that oppose their polices and not just Democrats but Republicans too. Biden will sign anything that is consistent with his policies.

    1. @Suomy Nona, percentages are numbers. The number of encounters in Feb of 2019 was 76,545 that trended upwards until May. The number of encounters in Feb of 2021 was 100,441 and is also trending upwards.

    2. @bryanatwku It trends upward until it doesn’t. Just like in 2019. That’s why it’s called a peak.

    3. @Suomy Nona, I guess I am a bit confused on where you are going with this.

      Actually raw data can have less information associated with it than percentages. Back to your example: “Our oil production was 2 this month”. See that’s not as meaningful as to say “Our oil production increased by 200% this month”.

    4. ​@bryanatwkuTry this example, say you are offered a job as a manager and are told we’ll start you at 200% of what they pay you subordinates. It will matter to you if that number is $5/hr or $50/hr, right? For a percentage change to have context you have to know the value it applies to.

      It may not have been obvious but my original comment was about the question about progressives pushing Biden on $15/hr and other progressive polices. This has been an unfortunate trip down your immigration rabbit hole.

    5. @Suomy Nona, I hope you are being as sarcastic as I am about data vs. percentages. That is a pretty ridiculous debate topic.

      I think Progressives push Biden because they can. Let’s be honest here, he seems pretty malleable. I’m sure everyone around him is trying to pull them in their direction and get him to sign something that benefits them. If he were just a regular senior citizen, doing that could be considered elder fraud and is illegal.

      It’s interesting we haven’t heard from AOC in awhile. Ever since that ridiculous Capitol Hill riot story, I think they started sequestering her.

  3. Just what can the US do? There are homeless people in the US and they have yet been acknowledged or placed in housing. Take a tour of homeless people in the US. Who is fighting for them? They are forgotten people including children. These kid are not in school and go without eating or someone to help them.

    1. Your 100% right Jaye so the current administrations solution is to flood the country with illegal immigrants because their plan is to help no one but themselves and there lobbyist, f*** the rest of us and especially those homeless Americans you mentioned.

  4. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven,

    Like so more people can see this.

    1. That’s why all these officials making gun reform bills should be quiet since they probably never even shot a nerf gun…going by your logic anyway.

  5. Yea right, how are these children’s parents so responsible that they would move away and leave their children behind. Especially since it is far easier to pass the US boarder as an adult with children, weird.
    She sure has changed her tune about the terrible conditions the boarder children are being kept.This women is virtue signalling and we see through her lies.

  6. Man you guys are good. My comment got deleted within 20 seconds. So much for advocating for the children being trafficked.

    1. That’s a big negative to the holding my breath but I’d bet your wearing at least one mask or maybe two.

  7. This is so insincere….her PARTY is playing political football with these so called “kids”

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