‘Once in a generation’ winter storm set to cripple Christmas travel

A strengthening major winter storm will bring more than a foot of snow and possible blizzard conditions to the Midwest, as the National Weather Service warns of “life-threatening” wind chills for millions. #CNN #News


    1. @I I I I yes they are and extreme cold events are decreasing. More global warming is making extreme heat events more common and Earth could be in a hot house not seen in millions of years by the end of the century.

  1. “Once in a generation”? You mean “once every two years”, right?
    Extreme weather isn’t a once in a generation anymore.

  2. These “once in a generation” winter storms seem to be happening 3 or 4 times a year which is at the same frequency when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s.

  3. Well, here in Denver, it will be 50 degrees today, until the front comes through, and then back to 50 by Sunday. The frigid temperatures are NOT typical for here, but experiencing the ups and downs of temperature is. Regardless, be safe. Don’t be stupid!

    1. Well, they already used up the “once in a decade” and “once in a hundred years” for other storms just like this one. Media hype…that is all.

    1. “I’ll be home for Christmas. You can count on me. Please have snow and mistletoe, and presents under the tree.” What’s wrong with snow on Christmas again?

  4. This is giving real Day After Tomorrow I seen that last week this is just makes me feel so much worse because we’ve been warned years and years in advance.

    1. @Robin Lillian I’m speaking the of the eventuality of that happening the thing about the movie Yes it was exaggerated given the miscalculations of what they had and the freak of nature of the storm. But since that movie is come out not necessarily a coincidence but overall the storms have gotten worse each year so this once in a lifetime narrative is going to be hilarious in the next 10 years.

  5. Brace yourselves for a first time generationally unprecedented once in a lifetime record breaking one of a kind top of the charts storm, people.

    1. STOP being Dramatic! … ( NOT a once in a lifetime snow ) did you forget the 1976 Blizzard that dumped 4 feet of snow in 1 night – in Connecticut … or the … 2012 storm that dumped 48 INCHES of snow from a n on-stop 4 day storm – so much weight from the snow that roofs of houses were collapsing …

  6. For everyone with a rear wheel drive vehicle.
    Place something heavy in the trunk.
    It will press your tires down for more grip.

    1. @Tohigh4this 4WD is not all that much better. You still wind up with drive forces going in different direction to steering forces. AWD and FWD are the snow driver’s best friend – and just slow the hell down.
      In some ways, 4WD can be the worst thing to have, because most 4WD drivers think it makes them invinceable. Probably 9 out 10 drivers I stop to assist in snow conditions are driving 4WD vehicles.
      Bottom line, NOTHING overcomes the laws of physics. Just slow down.

    2. I have a Hummer H3 with 35 inch off road tires it loves the snow and has 4 inch lift…….me and my Husky and my Hummer run errands for neighbors

    1. @Barry King actually extreme cold events are decreasing and winters are warming. While global warming is making extreme weather events, extreme weather events on the cold side of things aren’t one of them. Although many areas will see more snow as our planet warms precipitation will increase and many areas will have winter mean temperatures still below freezing even if with worse case global warming projections. It just won’t be as cold. But warmer air holds more moisture and warmer oceans means more water evaporating.

      But as far as cold outbreaks, they are decreasing although it’s still debated wether or not global warming is impacting the polar vortex in a way that it cause extreme cold further south.

    2. I remember a little while back we had 8 “once every 500 year” events in less than a year a half. This was in the SE USA. People seem to have forgotten but I certainly remember when I-10 flooded out. And a few years before there was a wildfire raging in every single county in Florida simultaneously. This stuff is getting out of hand.

  7. sure I rather hear the news that my flight has been canceled when I arrive to the airport from home because I can always go home. However, i hate when it happens during a connection flight. no where to go, you’re just in a strange place. hopefully nothing happens too bad and everyone reaches their destination. 🤞

    1. Canada is very cold often in winter.. going below zero? Wtf.. so you don’t get minus -20 often in winter every year? You sound like sissy’s.. is the temperature different or something.. is zero where water freezes there? Or like 10+..

    2. In Canada guiles duceppe a politician his mother in a nursing home in Montreal was left outside she turned into a popsicle.. people actually life is on the line in Canada.. just wear two pairs of pants.. and layers.. and don’t get wet.. that is how you survive.. warm up every few hours.. if you can’t start a small bbq or something.. if you are outside and can’t get inside.. in usa you can die of carbon monoxide.. in Canada it’s the only reason people stay alive since children so I learned canadians don’t die of carbon monoxide from space heaters in enclosed spaces..

  8. All weather that occurs is necessary for the wellbeing of the planet. Be blessed. And hey…be careful out there!

  9. Here in Upstate New York (the Hudson Valley) we’re expecting a temperature drop on Friday of 43 degrees (a high of 51 and a low of 8) within a matter of hours. We still have snow and ice on the ground from the last storm. Here we go again. Stay safe everyone!

  10. Just drove a semi truck 80 miles through 30-40 mph winds at -9 not including windchill. White outs on and off….it was awful but I made it. Be safe out there.

  11. Damn, once in a generation… I remember like 10 times it was -20F how many generations have I lived, how old am I….

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