One California City Ran A Universal Basic Income Experiment. Employment Rates Went Up | Katy Tur 1

One California City Ran A Universal Basic Income Experiment. Employment Rates Went Up | Katy Tur


Former Mayor of Stockton, California, Michael Tubbs, joins Katy Tur with the findings from his two-year UBI experiment. Aired on 3/3/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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One California City Ran A Universal Basic Income Experiment. Employment Rates Went Up | Katy Tur


  1. Palin did this to her State of Alaska and she’s a Republican.. Look how well it’s been working there.. I just don’t understand why majority Republicans don’t want the citizens to do better and live life much happier..

    1. @TheDiamond2009 have you even seen the report? The experiment made it clear that people with financial support find better jobs. That’s the opposite of keeping them poor and keeping them on welfare.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 I do not get someone complaining that growth is not fast enough! Obama’s last 3 years were economically more successful than Trumps first three years. Whatever college you were on, they were teaching you some neocon-bs.
      Reality shows that the opposite is true. Clinton recovered the economy and he was raising taxes for the wealthy, among other measures.
      Obama inherited the worst financial crisis since 1929 and was very successful with his recovery. It was under trump that growth started to slow down. And trump’s stupid tariffs were already destroying jobs before the pandemic.

    3. Their motivation is money and power and that’s it. Greed is their dominant value. They don’t care about others and unfortunately there’s too many of them in our gov’t. There is some scientific evidence that people who exhibit a lack of empathy for others may lack specific genes and/or were not exposed to the social skills that develop this in humans. Trump, McConnel, and others like them are a good example of this. Not to excuse them because we all have choice to be better humans, but it explains a lot.

    4. Because it’s beneficial for them to have people living in strife.
      Poverty causes people to be on welfare, which allows them to complain about welfare queens and “lazy people taking your taxes.”
      Poverty causes people to commit crimes at higher rates, which allows them to complain about law and order.
      Poverty causes people to want to abort their kids, which allows them to complain about protecting human rights to life without actually doing anything to protect said life after its born (yes I’m saying this as someone against abortion)
      The list goes on. Basically, if Republicans didn’t allow these conditions to persist, what do they have to run on?

    5. @TheDiamond2009 welfare is a trap and a pretty convoluted mess, but we wouldn’t need it if more was done to keep people out of poverty to begin with

  2. This is what it means when elected officials are not just “politicians” but, technocrats or, at least academically sound individuals with some professional background and, the will to good. Imagine what this man achieved?! Does anyone really understand to the significance of this? It just goes to show you that not everyone is a loser or a bum who doesn’t want to work or make their life better but just wants to live off of people.

    “Poverty” is expensive! Who’s this man. This guy should be the governor and then, the president. Simple. After #biden that is. He’s shown those other people who have and continue to betray the people who elected them that, if you just care a little truly about serving the people who elected you and pay you to work for them and not be sycophants to proven criminals who have so far escaped justice somehow.

    Can they expand the program nationwide? Can they scale it up? It’s the position that I’ve held and expressed for several years. Giving aid is not what people need. Instead of giving people bits just to enable them to stay alive and doing that with a million people, give ten the ability to make a living and, two years after, more would have a better living conditions.

    People don’t need mosquito nets, malaria drugs and so on. What they need is someone who has the intellectual capacity to see and look beyond the superficial issues and address the societal ailments in a way that leads to a sustainable liberation from financial hardship.

    I salute his brilliance and will to good. Kudos. Bless him and his family.

    1. Tubbs was beaten and lost his seat in January he is no longer an elected official , if the plan was so Great why was he defeated ?

    2. Oh, yes & Praise God that there ARE people in politics who REALLY & TRULY CARE! That kind of caring comes from the Love of Our Lord & He proved it! God Bless him & his family….EVERYONE needs a chance!

    3. @N W I think it just goes to show you that the people themselves don’t know what’s best for them and, there are forces that don’t want what’s best for the people. Isn’t that the clearest conclusion? Just my thoughts.

  3. All these decades people stressed out and depressed no living wage people living check to check The people in power were in slaving everybody they took away people that want to do good for children kind women kind man kind

    1. For sure! U get the idea they don’t care about our Country and ESPECIALLY they want that separation – like they need to keep the poor to stay that way…so they can continue to separate us so they can feel big & important…keep slavery going, no matter what color you are…GEE, WHAT A SHOCK! That Mayor should get a medal…hope President Biden REALLY ‘HEARS’ THIS & other non-prejudicial leaders out there…oh, Please Lord, let this idea catch on! Totally BELIEVE YOU, LORD, gave this Mayor the idea & I choose to believe we are nearing the end if lack for all of us…we just need a chance… PRAISE BE TO GOD!

    1. Its almost like a certain political demographic doesn’t believe in those they purport to govern?

    2. They may believe, but how equal to themselves do they believe their subjects are, is the question …

  4. I remember seeing this guy when he started the experiment. I was so hopeful for him, but I had doubts. I am so very happy about this, and proud of him. Now, let’s replicate this at the state level, then go national.

  5. Why do we have to redistribute wealth in order to achieve some level of fairness? Can’t we just share it fairly up front? Nope, the rich need to sheer us like sheep, then make us beg for a little more.

  6. When they hear this Conservatives will jus tighten their tinfoil hats. Can’t expect to reason with folk that don’t differentiate between their religious magical thinking and objective reality.

    1. @dayone lol

      Pastor: folks, I think God is calling me out to preach in Cancun. I’m gonna need a private jet for that. If y’all could try and help me out here, I’m certain the Lord will bless you tenfold!

      Person: pastor, I’m about to be evicted. I haven’t worked due to a viral infection!

      Preacher: the best thing we can do is pray, dear child.

      Also, don’t group everyone onto the same boat! But you’re right, the religious tend to be just as selfish as everyone else.

      No wonder God seems dead when you expect to see him in their lives.

      Maybe that’s why God isn’t working the miracles he promised. I’m speaking regarding the Jewish God.

      He said his followers would show greater signs and wonders than his! But we see none of that.

      The signs are there as authority to the message they’ll spread.

      All we see is a bunch of tuxedo wearing individuals speaking about a seemingly dead god.

    2. @M_i_g_5 Michaelangelo I don’t think god seems dead when, as you say, I expect to see him in their lives, I don’t see the reason to believe that an almighty creator of the universe existed in the first place. I think the vast majority of religious people are slightly delusional, and the world would be a much better place if they’d actually help out in improving it, instead of leaving it up to this seemingly invisible and powerless god of theirs.

      Thoughts and prayers does not cut it anymore.

    3. Funny, I remember the democratic presidential candidate in favor of UBI being dismissed and tossed aside by the democratic establishment. It’s not only republicans that don’t want to give us UBI and healthcare.

    4. @Illu Vatar Nor did I suggest anything of the sort funnily enough. Undoubtedly however, more than ever conservatives (not specifically Republicans) are demonstrably fantasists in denial of objective facts. Their whole ideology is predicated on fantastic thinking.

  7. This experiment has been done several times in the past, the outcome has always come out the same.

    1. @William H You cannot be fascist left. Those are opposite ideologies. The second you go left, you’re not fascist. The second you become fascist, you’re not left anymore. You literally cannot be both at the same time.

  8. Imagine that, people had enough money to pay the bills and were worry free to look for gainful employment. But banks want you in debt to collect their interest and seize assets.

  9. When people have hope, they work harder to succeed. Without hope, they become despondent and give up.

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