1. So tragic … My heart 💔 …. My prayers 🙏 goes out to his family and friends during this difficult time.

    1. for a little more respect for a trained professional who was rounding out a 30 year career in making people happy and entertained who died in a tragic accident right in front of his family.

    2. @Rocky no they dont. You people watch too many movies if you think these kinds of displays are done by cowboys in a trailer who are pushing the boundaries for a thrill. no. these people are consummate professionals who take safety extremely seriously. These people do enjoy what they do, and they are concerned with entertainment, but they dont do dangerous for dangerous sake, and they never perform an act they havent rehearsed over and over and over until they have it boiled down to a science.

    3. @The Duke You’re saying this is safe like we didn’t all just watch that truck disintegrate? People get killed at airshows all the time.

    4. @BringYourOwnBaklava i didnt say this is safe, i said safety is at the top of their priorities. they never stop thinking about safety. when you do something dangerous. you have to have plans and procedures for every possible outcome to avoid people getting hurt. unfortunately a roll over at 350mph is frankly beyond the realms of material science, theres not much that can be done for that. but Chris didnt take his performance any pess serious than the stunt pilots flying above him.

  2. I saw Chris several times at the Dayton airshow over the years. he always put on a good show and cared about everyone else at the event.

    1. yeah, no one said it wasnt dangerous, thats why they take safety seriously. but out of millions of variables, it only takes a couple to cause tragedy.

  3. …I guess there is something to be said about going out doing what you love, but damn…….RIP…

  4. He died doing what he loved the most, I presume.
    Rest in Peace Brother!
    My condolences to the family and friends. 💝

  5. Omg 😱 horrifying and tragic!!!! My prayers go to Chris Darnell’s family 🙏 RIP and rest easy Chris Darnell 😭

  6. Very sad, looks like jet engine compressor failure, there’s a pop sound, debris then sparks. Jet turbine debris would have ruptured fuel lines tyres or tank. The truck is on fire and lost control well before the pyro bombs on the field go off that have been linked to the crash. Once a truck like this loses one engine it will become near impossible to control

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