1. @simac06 I’m not a boomer. But obviously I can’t convince an over privileged Gen z who blames all their county’s problems on the generation before them.

    2. @Jay S Pretty sure Chrétien let in plenty of refugees. He also criticized Harper for not letting in more Syrian refugees.

  1. The best PM of Canada since I immigrated here … Life in Canada was like a heaven on earth then … 😔
    Wish him health and all blessings 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you immigrate from?

      And welcome to our great country as well, we’re happy to have you here. (:

    1. @Rowdy_Roddy67 Sure was. I was too young to vote for him when he was in office. But if he were the pm today, I would vote Liberal in a minute. One of the smartest men running Canada to date.

  2. I respect PM Chrétien for having the courage to speak his mind and say things as it is without the twists and turns.

  3. I’m conservative but I would elect him in a heartbeat. He’s more conservative than our conservatives and he’s liberal!

    1. He was a corrupt politician, remember the sponsorship scandal? That thing costed Canadian tax payers 40 million dollars, and at least 4 to 6 million went straight back to the party.

  4. Jean Chretien was one of our finest Prime Ministers. Sometimes , speaking off the cuff makes for the best diplomacy……

  5. He is so right about “passing the buck” that is the only weapon Alberta has “tried” to used since Peter Lougheed. And Lougheed never used it because he new it was a losing cause.

  6. Behold. An actual liberal by definition. Like harper he was the pm to balance a budget. I’m glad hes criticizes trudeau. We r absolutely fuct with the inflation that’s coming.

  7. Did Canada seriously once have Prime Ministers that could honestly answer questions without avoiding anything critical, or just simply pandering to social movements?!!

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