1. @Jason Lusk aw another word the liberals like to throw around when someone doesn’t agree with them, “ ignorant” y’all must have a little handbook somewhere. Emphasis on little cause your playbook is tiny lmao🤡

  1. Singh needs to stay in office until 2025 so he gets his lifetime pension. He’ll do anything to get it. Look at his rich lifestyle. All of you NDP voters got bamboozled

    1. So a con party would be better don’t think so. Maybe we should govern ourselves wonder how that would turn out.🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. the NDP is too broke to have a leadership review / convention. That’s the only reason why Singh is still around.

    2. Because the gravy they are getting is filling their little tummy’s. Their moral compass gets chucked out the window when they are paid off. This is why they supported the emergencies act: they were promised new toys from their master.

  2. The most important thing is making sure kids under 12 have there teeth fixed. Wtf is this guy on

  3. The drain is now completely clogged with all of the credibility that is now stuck deep in it. He outright admits it was about “power”. How about some ACCOUNTABILITY? Obviously, that’s too much to ask from these fools.

    1. I voted NDP. I voted based on their proposals to get dental care so my five year old daughter can get care because I can’t afford the copays despite being covered through my job. Pharmacare will also help my aging parents afford their medications. I got exactly what I wanted by voting NDP and having them twist the Liberals arm to actual get something done for regular Canadians, for once.

    1. He got exactly what he campaigned on. Haha. He twisted the Libs arm to get NDP priorities passed. That’s a clear success if pharmacare and dental care get passed for regular Canadians.

  4. NDP want the dental care and pharma care, that is great, but what about fixing our failed/failing health system before adding even more?

    1. We don’t have one healthcare system. We have one for each province and territory. So if yours is failed, you need to address that on a provincial level. The fed can only do so much here.

  5. He’s gonna lose his party’s confidence; he’s lost mine‼️He has also lost my vote‼️

    1. NDP lost my confidence after Layton, under Layton the party was a viable option. Now not only are they not a viable option they are not and should not be a party.

  6. Replace everything he said with he likes the paycheck and wants to stay in office as long as possible

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