‘One thing we can thank Mr. Putin for’: Antony Blinken welcomes Finland into NATO #Shorts

Finland is set to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the world's largest military alliance otherwise known as NATO, as its 31st member.

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"This is a historic week," NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday. "We will raise the Finnish flag for the first time here at the NATO headquarters. It will be a good day for Finland’s security, for Nordic security, and for NATO as a whole.

Finland Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto also called the moment historic and emphasized his country's desire to promote stability in Europe. "For Finland, the most important objective at the meeting will be to emphasize NATO’s support to Ukraine as Russia continues its illegal aggression," Haavisto said.

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  1. that’s dumb 💀 finland should of stay neutral finland, sweden and Switzerland should of stay neutral watch their economy go down and watch people after some time are going to be mad if they wanted protection they just should of sign a military pact or som instead of joining

    1. Bro…NATO is a military pact. If you’re saying Finland should have joined in a treaty with just another country, it probably wouldn’t be as institutionalized as NATO, so NATO is really stable and secure. Staying neutral in the current political climate in Europe is not a good idea for a nation that borders Russia. Switzerland will stay neutral, Sweden may join but maybe not.

    2. And their economies won’t see substantial effects unless Russia creates another crisis. It could even lead to greater trade connections with NATO states which would likely improve economic growth. Though, every country is seeing economic downturn in the current global economy.

  2. Everyone saw Ukraine being invaded and civilians being killed and was like “I think im good on all that….”

  3. Thats being childish coz all you’ve done is made europe even more a dangerous place to live in when Russia includes Finland as legitimate nuclear target.

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