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    1. @Alien👽
      I know that I won’t be fooled into giving away so much money to a person that I never met in person.

    2. @Tinbeef
      And? So that means she should just throw money at a person that she has never met in real life?

  1. Unfortunate this happened to her, hope she get back her money. As simple as it seems even close friends and family if you put trust in them will scam too so it doesn’t only take a stranger .

    1. @Ray Anderson because her name was put on parchment paper and burnt so she has no choice until she’s broke.

  2. These women are very gullible. How can you be paying so much for a gift? It’s the same when you are asked to pay money to collect winnings. Don’t be desperate to find love, get money, or travel opportunities. Remember, these are people you have never met, take what they’re saying with a few grains of salt or simply run dem offa yuh phone.

  3. She’s brave enough to come forward, after such an embarrassing experience, to, hopefully, help save other way-too-gullible individuals from the same fate!

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  5. Wow this is unfortunate especially the elder lady who went around the bank to go send money _after_ they told her it was a scam. I don’t even know what to say smh

  6. He who is without mistakes cast the first stone. Please remember this is a real person with real feelings, sometimes we need to be kinder with our fellow Jamaicans

    1. Ain’t no way she jamaican. The amount a choppa songs a run the place and she never wise up. Bwoy this might sound harsh but she cah fool fi free so, a must pay dem pay her🫠

    2. It’s not abt casting the first stone but there is so many stories like these and still ppl are falling for them

  7. Hush my dear , it’s good to know you’re opening up the eyes of others. Never put Confidence in anyone
    because my mother told me that every SHADOW is a hand and crab don’t trust his cousin Lobster

  8. It’s sad that we keep looking for love online, instead of going out and meeting someone in person. Not saying anything is wrong with dating sites, however the old way still works

  9. Sometimes with some of these scammers, one cannot be too careful. Yes, I believe that the victims should have better judgement in some cases. However, anyone can get scammed by some of these professional scammers. They have multiple seemingly legitimate ways to lure their victims. It’s unbelievable how ppl actually sit down and come up with some of these scamming schemes….It’s disgusting to say the least. Since Covid, the criminals have remerged even more heartless! How could a man do that to a woman with kids?

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