Ont. amends temporary emergency order allowing hospitals to move patients to LTC without consent 1

Ont. amends temporary emergency order allowing hospitals to move patients to LTC without consent


Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott announced a temporary emergency order allowing hospitals to patients to long-term care homes without their consent to free up capacity.

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    1. @G Angelov That is why they need hospital beds. You even listen? The Seniors No Longer Need Hospital Care. So maybe they can save a really sick person. SMH.

  1. Wtf!! Oh yeah….I can’t wait to see how THIS plays out. No doubt, they’ve already starting moving patients out.

  2. Who goes to a bureaucrat for health care any ways?
    Got a heart attack coming on, let me just fill out some paperwork to cure it…?

    1. The daily number of LTC cases and deaths has been nearly zero for two months. The crisis in LTCs, whether due to herd immunity, vaccinations, better protocols, something else, passed awhile ago. The question is whether this new policy, if implemented, will change that. (A cynic might suggest the policy is intended to cause more cases and deaths in LTCs in order to continue the overall COVID crisis perception.)

  3. Deaths in Canada all cause mortality

    2016 = 262,090
    2017 = 274,240 (+12,150 from 2016)
    2018 = 283,770 (+9,530 from 2017)
    2019 = 287,460 (+3,690 from 2018)
    2020 = 300,210 (+12,750 from 2019)

    1. @garmin1 Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers should be held accountable for the trouble they have caused. The same thing goes for conspiracy theorists. It’s too bad that we can’t review the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Covid deniers who seek treatment for COVID-19. You don’t need treatment for a virus that you don’t believe in.

    2. Lol does the numerical increase in deaths match population increase? Guess what? Actually gets slightly less each yr as pop growth out does death rate.

    3. @Amelia Bedelia ugh yeah it does, long term addiction is classified as a disease.. your saying that covid deaths matter more than others

    1. This is real life.
      There isn’t always a happy ending.
      You really think all these countries are missing a simple solution?
      Sometimes you need to make the least BAD decision, because there is no better option.

    1. WAS a slaugherhouse, P J.

      There have been nearly zero daily cases and deaths in LTCs for two months. The question is whether this new government policy, if implemented, would change that.

  4. Lmfao if I find out my girlfriend’s dad gets put into a home, I’ll raise hell. I’ve been quiet until now, but this government is seriously overreaching and looking for an uprise.

    1. HALF of all Ontario COVID deaths are LTC residents. The slaughter already happened. The crisis in LTCs actually passed two months ago.

      Over the last 60 days (Feb. 28-Apr. 28), there have been a total of just 182 virus cases and 54 deaths among LTC residents. That’s an average of 3 cases and 0.9 deaths per day.

      In the 60 days prior to that (Dec. 30-Feb. 27), there were 4,330 virus cases and 1,139 deaths among LTC residents.

      Whether that turnaround was due to herd immunity, vaccinations, better protocols, or something else, I cannot say. But the turnaround happened. The big question is whether this new policy will reverse that.

  5. Next headline 2 weeks from now: “Covid19 outbreak in long term homes, seniors who survived the 1st and 2nd waves decimated. Death toll greater than the number recorded during the 1st and 2nd waves combined.”

    1. Is any other Gov’t going to do any better ?, who really has any answers, I never hear any from other parties.

    2. @Max Weinbach Open everything up and drop all restrictions. Add hospital capacity as needed. Give timely vaccinations to those who desire it.

      LTCs, specifically, stopped being an issue in Ontario two months ago — daily cases and deaths have been nearly zero. Will this new policy reverse that?

  6. how dare you overwhelm those settings when they are already so short in staff and can barely function with care for the seniors in those homes….disgusting

  7. I can see it now ” My friends… I made a mistake” (wipes tears with our hundreds) I am reversing the decision to move patients from hospitals to LTC’s.

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