1. You are right. Typically low milage and they have very stringent maintenance schedules. And they come with carfax.

  1. You’ll get nothing back from a car dealer either. They check for liens, and will make sure it’s not a fraudulent odo rollback.

  2. Odometer that have a star * at start of # means it’s been changed but should always look at pedals seats shifter knob for wear indication

  3. Always take the vehicle for an inspection. It would’ve come up.
    I don’t have any sympathy. I have never bought a vehicle without a 100 dollar inspection. Lol

  4. Please can somebody listen to FSW applicants.We are in panic trauma which we are facing since 10 months. Show some respect,sympathy to our emotions.We are living human being not aliens, IRCC is treating like we are from other planets.Bring back FSW draws& @CitImmCanada

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