Ont. mother blames son’s light-up shoes for fire inside home

Ont. mother blames son's light-up shoes for fire inside home 1


A woman from Everton, Ont. says a pair of light-up shoes is to blame for a fire that erupted inside her home.

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12 Comments on "Ont. mother blames son’s light-up shoes for fire inside home"

  1. What about child energy? May be a cause!!

  2. The other kind of shoes glow in the dark.

  3. guess: one of the little girls is an arsonist

  4. Sketchers statement is kind of bothersome. Just looking at the footage you can see the shoes are the most probable cause and they should be testing similar shoes they have in the mean time.

  5. The shoes were by the mud area? The furnace? Isn’t overheating batteries cause flames… especially if you put it near a heat source?

  6. This is karma, for having such tacky taste. 😆

  7. Cannabis Connoisseur | November 7, 2019 at 12:29 PM | Reply

    If your shopping at Walmart i wouldn’t go running to the news

  8. must have been doing the moonwalk

  9. those shoes are made for the pit

  10. 🤬🖕🏻🖕🏻👟🔋💥🔥💧👈😆

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