Ont. server says man withheld tip over vaccination status | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Ont. server says man withheld tip over vaccination status | COVID-19 in Canada


Experts weigh in on asking about someone's COVID-19 vaccination status.

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  1. How did you even find this “story”? Just reading Facebook statuses and making news about them? This video is nonsense.

    1. I think it’s meant to be a cautionary tale disguised as something else. Aka ‘see what can happen to you if you don’t get vaxxxed’

    1. @RPM I’m definitely not anti-vax or anti-anything for that matter because I don’t fall for salami tactics used to divide and I’m definitely not going to be cool with a 2 tier society thats only granted to specific individuals. What’s that saying? Weak men create hard times.

  2. The other side of the story.. He’s going to be infected in a few days, and then blame it all on her

    1. It will come to the place where the government tells you what kind of toilet paper you need to use to wipe your assets!

  3. Charter Rights and Freedoms Protects Canadians from disclosing this information. this is Private medical information.

  4. What a garbage “story” all around. There is no “withholding tip” as tips aren’t mandatory.

  5. Tips are for level of service given and nothing else. Also, another person’s personal health information is none of anyone else’s business.

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