1. I wonder why the children who have been isolated and masked for 2-3 years are having adverse reactions to common sickness… Maybe the immune systems have been suppressed…

  2. Yet any other country would have dropped you off a the front door and told you they’re full and you’d be on your own. No taxi service 350km away to another facility. But yeah let’s keep dumping on our country.

    1. Stop comparing this country to the United states and you realize plenty of countries have a better universal health care system

    2. @Mongo Blazingsaddles in what regard? Other than you saw that headline somewhere, what substance of it do you even understand? What metrics were used? What data was collected?

    1. @Mongo Blazingsaddles It’s only embarrassing for those like you who think a dictatorship runs a better health care system.

    2. @Jay7T6 Trudeau is a dictator. Singapore is a democracy and it has better health care than Canada. You uneducated rubes can’t understand that other countries have public/private health care that is far better than Canada’s.

    3. @Jay7T6 Singapore does not execute you for smoking a joint. Trudeau executes you it you are a wounded CAF veteran.

    4. @Jay7T6 You should educate yourself on how the rest of the world manages to have better health care than Canada.

  3. 35 countries have better health care than Canada. All of them use a mix of public and private health care.
    Do you want better health care or are politics more important to you than that?

    1. Shame on the unvaccinated nurses who, despite being well educated, are following the misinformation and disinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. They should find another profession. Shame on you for defending their position and even worse, for your claim that they are being discriminated against.

      Those unvaccinated nurses should have been assigned to work with COVID-19 patients. Since they were not worried about COVID-19, they don’t need PPE either.

    2. @Art Vandelay <--- Has clearly never looked at any official source data for himself, otherwise he'd know how stupid his statement was.

    1. Healthcare spending is provincial. Ffunding is federal. So, blame whoever is running your province for not spending the money on healthcare

    2. @rick74304 or… Or we could say the government as a whole, municipal, provincial and federal are all incompetent leeches.

  4. Where are the Twitter Files. Isn’t that important news, rather then a 350 km drive???
    Pathetic excuse for a NEWS STATION

    1. That turned into a big nothing burger. “Many observers, even among the crowd of Musk’s usual supporters, thought the drop was a flop. A New York Post columnist, Miranda Devine, told Tucker Carlson that the documents were “not really the smoking gun we’d hoped for.”

      Conservative pundit Sebastian Gorka wrote on Truth Social, according to The Daily Beast, “So far, I’m deeply underwhelmed. We know the Dems in DC collude with the Dems in Palo Alto. Big Whop.” Joe Simonson, a reporter for the conservative news outlet The Washington Free Beacon, wrote that the “Twitter files [are] underwhelming so far. Just revealing what we already knew: Twitter was staffed by democrats who did the bidding of Democrats.” (Do they even do that?)” Politico

  5. So what ? The family lived in a rural area , couldn’t get into McMaster so was airlifted to Kingston.
    You don’t look at a single event and make general statements about healthcare . Depending on the day and situation this could of happened anytime in the last 20 years .
    Ask the Healthcare workers they say it all could be solved if we pay them more . Others say privatization is the answer. Still others say cut administrative overhead.
    All of the above and more . We have to look at all potential solutions. Not turn up our nose because we don’t like them.

    1. The same issue is affecting American hospitals. “The United States has already plunged into one of the roughest seasons of winter illnesses in decades. After nearly three years of being sequestered, children and adults are back out in crowds, with no masks, no distancing, and viruses waiting with open arms.” USA Today

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