Ontario labour minister explains minimum wage hike

Ont. Labour Minister Monte McNaughton discusses his government's decision to reverse course and raise the minimum wage.

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    1. Right, it’s not like buisnesses can’t afford to pay their employees $15 an hour it’s just that they don’t want to.

  1. Lol. Retrain for “Those jobs” that make 100,000 a year plus benefits and pensions? Are you on drugs? Only in the government do you make 100k and pensions and benefit. Show me one job with pension other than government. And NO… matching RRSPs up to a maximum of $100 a month is NOT a pension.

  2. “Please sir, can I have some more”. What is needed is a living wage and this isn’t a living wage this is underpaid slavery, and the divide is growing. We need to thrive to grow, not be over work to TRY and survive.

    1. Minimum wage jobs are entry-level jobs you want to survive better you want more stuff educate yourself Elevate yourself and get a better job it’s called capitalism and the choices we have in a free country

    2. @Halina well as much as minimum wage jobs are important, wages should be different in between a cashier and a doctor… but by raising a minimum wage won’t do much as big corporations will up their price

    3. But also I must say that minimum wage is not a underpaid slavery, myself I am a minimum wage worker and I get paid for my work in a respectful workplace

    4. @Dr. Rooper here is the thing, do you need a store clerk, or a waitress? If the answer is yes then perhaps the person providing you with what you need should be paid enough to be able to live off of what they are paid? Otherwise, we really have a problem, don’t you think? Eventually things have to change.

  3. As soon as he minimum wage raises the cost of living raises. Because they know we can pay more, we need fixed prices for the essentials

    1. So if I’m a farmer, you’re telling me that I have to freeze what I sell my crops for?
      And what about everything else that I used to run the farm?
      Fuel, taxes, equipment, equivalent leases… Please

    2. @Stewart D “Essentials” I ain’t talking about what it takes to run your farm. I’m talking about Food at grocery stores that up charge like crazy. You sell your crops for what you need to run your farm and support your family that’s just how it works.

  4. Many business previously paying minimum wage are paying above minimum wage already, this doesnt really change must from what I have seen.

  5. Maybe if Douggie froze politician’s wages, or even rolled them back, we might believe he is sincere in helping the average worker.

  6. Unless there is a price freeze retail companies will just pass on the extra cost by increasing prices. Actually across the board prices will go up. So there needs to be a maximum % a price can go up.

  7. “If we give them the petty hike now, the inflation won’t be as noticeable!” – Absolute BRILLIANCE in those government employees…which defunded mental institution were they transferred from?

  8. When those who don’t live on minimum wage preach how great it is that they raised minimum wage….Start paying our government minimum wage!!!

  9. Construction workers making 100K+ a year?? Wonder if the construction workers know this?? Where are those jobs? I worked in construction most of my life and never met anyone other than owners making 100K+ for breaking their backs. These jobs must be listed the same place as chocolate or weed taster, feather bed tester, pink elephant counter….

  10. And what about ODSP ( Ontario Disability Support Program ) It has not increased in the past 4 years.
    In my case, it is equivalent to earning $4.99 per hour. That makes it very tough to live here in Toronto.

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