1. Kinda amazing how banks pay up after the issue is made public. Must be some kind of Magic.👍👍

  2. sorry im not sure i’m following how did this happen? I have mine on auto deposit so i never use the password thing. Wouldn’t the hacker have to have access to your bank account to send money? When you e transfer don’t you pick who you are sending it to? So how does a hacker guess the password if the money wasn’t even sent to them? im not following

    *edit found out what happened. the guy sent it to the wrong email and the “hacker” guessed correctly and got the money.

  3. TD Canada Trust can’t even figure out how to provide a mortgage. They dump responsibility wherever possible.

  4. LMFAO
    If the password was too easy then the bank shouldn’t allow it, yes, the bank have a way to determine if it’s too easy without knowing the exact password. The bank should pay if the password choice was allowed.

  5. The bank knows exactly where the money went. They should because they sent it there.
    If the bank is going to use this kind of an excuse, then I will remove all of my money from the bank so that I can protect it because the bank can’t

  6. if you use skipthedishes, delete your payment info… someone spent 100 dollars on food using my account… Police didnt do nothing, got the money back tho

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