Ontario park warden jumps into icy waters to save two deer stranded in Rondeau Bay

An Ontario Parks warden says he will never forget the day he jumped into icy waters to take an animal rescue effort into his own hands.

Zack Stubbington, who works as a warden at Rondeau Provincial Park, said he received a phone call on Jan. 28 from someone living near the area that two deer had fallen into the icy waters of Rondeau Bay. A buck and doe were found about 150 metres away from shore.

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    1. Really ,that’s about the stupidest thing someone has ever done ,I hope he’s fired from his job for it ,u risked human life for a deer ,u r a moron

  1. JT told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent…

    1. @Andrei Simion much more important than veterans right . tell me you voted turdeau , without telling me you voted turdeau ….

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  3. So a government employee risked his life to save 2 animals, what would have happened if he died or needed rescuing? Who would have paid for that, as a tax payer I’d rather see 2 animals die a natural death then a HUMAN BEING risk any type of injury.. this was an idiotic move and he should be reprimanded as such.

  4. Meanwhile in Alberta park wardens are murdering polar bears (an already endangered animal) because they are too lazy to tranq and relocate them.

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