Ontario reporting 3,519 new COVID-19 cases and 89 deaths 1

Ontario reporting 3,519 new COVID-19 cases and 89 deaths


Dr. Isaac Bogoch says the situation in Ontario is what a post-holiday surge in COVID-19 cases looks like with the province reporting 3,519 new COVID-19 cases and 89 deaths

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    1. Canadian Air Farce , I wonder if half of these doctors could save a person…. it seems like anyone is able to get a doctors certificate.

    1. I like the idea of a curfew. After all, everybody knows that you can only catch Covid in the dark. /sarc=off.

    2. Funny not much has changed in our lives with the lockdown happening. Slow to no work , to staying homes because you can’t afford to do anything…. yah for some Canadians it didn’t get better and for some it didn’t get worse….

    1. @دانية اناناس
      Look pal, I’ve known you for all of ten seconds, none of them pleasant. I’m not going to take any homework assignments from you.
      If you’ve too stupid to realize what’s is actually taking place, I can’t fix it.

    1. Now reconcile that with the fact that politicians travelled aboard to sunbathe (the list is as long as 20) will positioning extended lockdowns. How are these elected officials many of which you voted for since this was across party lines not as intelligent as you?

    2. @Mark Poitras when life gives you Covid you start making masks. I actually started a decent company through online orders of custom wood products. I’ve been talking for years but finally got the push

    1. @7natcho Considering? If it involves more government power, he will do it. They will all do it. This will not get better.

    1. My aunty died of Covid at the age of 94. Nursing home in Quebec. Basically died from complications due to flu. Which would have happened regardless of what flu she caught. But that doesn’t fit the so called pandemic does it!

    1. They are all estimated numbers. At least that’s what they are saying in Alberta. It’s all based on estimates

  1. The lockdown is counter productive. Time for Ford to resign or fix the problem in the nursing homes from which most of the deaths occur.

    1. @Rusty Shackleford Nah, I want them to stop the nursing homes deaths. They’re death traps for the residents. Then Ford stabbed them in the back by removing their right sue the LTC homes for criminal negligence. Just like he stabbed Tanya Granic Allen in the back, who supported him.

    1. Wow! Did you figure that out all by yourself?
      do you know what else produces more cases? Higher positivity rates.

    2. @tchevrier, you do know that there isn’t a test specifically for CoViD. It tests for the Corona strain which can be found in the flu and even the common cold. Hide in your basement and you have nothing to worry about.

    3. @CaSPeR GHoST LMAO. Do you know that COVID isn’t a virus? Sars-cov2 is the virus that causes Covid19. LMAO. And yes junior, there is a test specifically designed to test for one of three different genes which are unique to the sars-cov2 virus. LMAO.

      You are such a fool. If you are going to try and insult somebody, you should probably get your crap together, otherwise you look like the one hiding in your mommies basement. LMAO

  2. Remember to keep paying your taxes even if you’re not allowed to access any of the supposed benefits. Let’s all pay for healthcare that we can’t access!

  3. We will all be safe if we pack ourselves into Costco on Saturdays and Sundays.
    The virus doesn’t transmit in big box stores.

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