OPP officer killed in Bourget | What we know about the investigation

An OPP officer was killed and two others were injured in a shooting in Bourget, Ont. CTV’s Jeremie Charron reports.

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    1. @D Mac Wow. That’s really sad to hear. What would you say is causing it? Is it gang violence?

    2. @Robert Nahum
      IMO it’s a porous border. 83% of guns confiscated in crimes comes from the usa. Also a very lenient judicial system.

    3. ​@Robert Nahum it’s a very small town, one grocery store and a senior home, a handful of homes and that’s it. I grew up in that area and worked there. It would surprise me that gang would be involved, that sounds more like an ambush with hate against police

  1. By someone at the home? Awsome news for the population to understand whats really going on….

  2. When I wake up in the morning and hear that a cop was killed overnight it doesn’t ruin my day.

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