OPP officer killed, others injured ambush-style shooting | Here’s what we know so far

CTV's Kevin Gallagher shares the latest details on the fatal shooting of an OPP officer in Bourget, Ontario.

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    1. Do you have some information you’d like to share? You sound like the type of conspiracy theorist who would commit a crime like this

    2. @MapleLeafKay yes, I’m interested to hear what facts Frank feels are critical to the public being better able to understand this event – personally I suspect another thirteen-year-old thrilling himself typing out random stuff on the internet.

  1. Time to bring in more gun restrictions and the death penalty. I am tired of supporting violent criminals for life imprisonments when it costs minimum $45,000 per year to keep them behind bars.

    1. twenty years ago it was close to 100000 per year to keep lifers in the sask penitentiary!!………capital punishment for this kind of muder!!……

  2. Time for our courts to be reformed. Either that or citizens need their torches and pitchforks. We can take care of criminals if they won’t

    1. it’s still one of the safest occupations, it pales in comparison with the construction and manufacturing industries. policing is still one of the safest occupations. every work place death should be treated the same

  3. Great you emphasize guns instead of the issue being the SHOOTER way to add to the hysteria

  4. The new law would allow companies with more than a year of experience in business 👩‍💼 planning and management that can make police departments pay more than the average employee for the same time frame 🖼️ they have in other areas such that a person can make an arrest or a warrant for the same time period 😢

  5. Maybe cops should stop being dicks to the same ppl they swore to protect, no tears shed here!

  6. I’m very saddened to hear of this young officer being murdered. My condolences to his family & his fellow officers.Hope the injured officers have a speedy recovery. This is absolutely heartbreaking.

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