Opposition Blasts Gov’t Over New Security Guards Contract | TVJ News

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  1. The arrogance of the Jamaican politicians is disgusting, especially these ones that are in power.

  2. Both parties are trash none a them donโ€™t care about the people is just a blame game as soon as one side do something wrong. All I care about is the security Officer getting better livable wages.

  3. The government doesn’t care for poor people, we need true and efficient governance in Jamaica, Andrew Holness needs to go….Full time now.

  4. The labor minister can step in and help the people, as a matter of fact is their duties to help the Jamaican workers, on people going to say this is the best PM on best government Jamaica ever had please.

  5. I place them all in the hands of the almighty god god a god noone else but him the am i that he is is going ti deal with the hole a dam who a stop people from eat bread god is not a unjust gid him a just god him say buy the sweat a u bro u eat bread him dont tell lie him word true and powerful

  6. Angela Burke, if your government wad in power, it would be the same thing…

    But really and true still the government need to let the security companies pay the securities for their year of services. He should have announced that from September 23,2022.
    But he did not..

    I wonder how much millions the government in grants for not letting security companies pay their workers their years of services.

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