Orangutan grabs zoo visitor who jumped guardrail | USA TODAY #Shorts

Orangutan grabs zoo visitor who jumped guardrail | USA TODAY #Shorts 1


    1. Orangutans are some of the smartest beings in this planet, to keep them in a cage like that is a crime

    1. Bro it’s something with their grip idk but it seem monkeys they also have strength in their palms. Bro did you see the video when the monkey pulled man scalp back?

    2. About five to seven time homo sapiens in strength. As an average a male can lift about 500lbs / 230kg over his head. Small but tough !

  1. I wonder what he expected to happen? Updoots, no doubt.
    If only he lost an arm. Than we could be sure he learned his lesson.

    1. @Johnny Blaine I am surprised as hell that leg didn’t snap like a twig lol that 🦧 wasn’t even trying just an easy grip.

  2. Hahaha haha!
    This guy “Let me scream like a female dog instead of punching it straight in the face” 😂😂😂🤦

  3. Well, the man did ask to make out at the beginning…then again it probably wouldn’t end good

  4. Almost got himself a Lil nibble of them toes in the end. Did anyone else laugh hysterically?

  5. He jumped over to see something. Well. He saw. He lucky it was only curious not aggressive or he’d have broken bones and torn flesh.

  6. Orangutans are EXTREMELY Intelligent and of all the great apes, the most gentle. NO Orangutan would ever harm a human without a really good reason. Someone was probably mistreating this one. In many cases, humans have killed mother orangutans in the full sight of their babies looking on in order to clear the forest to grow Palm Oil Trees. Remember now these apes are almost as intelligent as humans. In some cases, I can say without a doubt much smarter than the humans who abuse and mistreat them.

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