Oregon Gov. Kate Brown: Dozens of people are missing in wildfires | USA TODAY

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown: Dozens of people are missing in wildfires | USA TODAY 1


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says "dozens of people" are missing from the large wildfires that have burned across the state.
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82 Comments on "Oregon Gov. Kate Brown: Dozens of people are missing in wildfires | USA TODAY"

  1. This is not from 20 minutes ago. More like this is a 2 day old message they are repeating.

  2. What would be better news is if you finally prosecute the antifa fire bombers. You let them burn Portland and are surprised they went out and lit the surrounding forests.

    • Obiviously you have no clue!!!

    • @Barry Kilmer they’ve caught a handful of portladias best throwing molotov cocktails out here in Washington. I’m furious as are everyone else. 80 fires in three days nowhere near power lines yet where these assholes happen to be according to their phones. That’s terrorism and they need a trip to Guantanamo bay.

  3. She sounds like she is reading from a very scripted narrative. So mechanical and unemotional.

  4. Hmmm. I wonder who could be setting all these deadly fires along the highway. I’m sure it’s not any of the “protesters.” The news told me so.

  5. That “summer of love” is really heating up!

    • Jeremy Serwer
      So Trump supporters, Republicans, are the ones who are starting all the riots and fires in these democratic states and cities. And the Democrat leaders aren’t doing anything about it? That doesn’t even make sense dude

    • Jeremy Serwer blm caused that war! they are also footing the bill. Don’t forget Antifa, oh and let’s not forget to debunk your police officers, tie their hands while your at it, so they die Then you have your arrogant and prideful mayors and governors sitting back and watching their cities burn. Their citizens are screaming for help but they refuse to do a thing about it in their summer of love. After all they know that the president must be invited. The mayor of Portland’s words, “stay the H ——— out!” Then we have the innocent of innocent die, you know children, that’s alright, you guys don’t mind. Take the easy way out and blame the President. I’m looking right now, at a twitter account, AOC says in so many words to keep the riots up until the election is over. I wish I could post it believe me I would. Then we have Maxine Waters encouraging all Americans to turn on their fellow Americans and drive them out, if they even get a sniff that they voted for the President completely forgetting that this IS America the land of the free. OH AND OPRAH A PERSON I ONCE RESPECTED , she blames it on white privilege lets all take a knee. I have news for her we have ancestors that fought in that war to free the slave. No matter that was just another life too! more division thanks Oprah. Meanwhile it’s the innocent people who have done nothing thing wrong that will pay the price while the peaceful protests/RIOTERS tear the city apart burn up your forests, assault the elderly, snatch people out of their cars, hurl bricks and frozen water bottles at your police and cry because they used tear gas. Keep the fire trucks from getting to the fires that they they set ( opps another child is gone) burn smash loot steal rape and murder, graffiti stamped across the streets, monuments torn down, you hated that anyways right? Assaults to many to count, officers killed… AND ITS THE PRESIDENTS FAULT, SILLY ME, WHAT WAS I THINKING.

    • “Step Down Kate Brown”

    • @Jeremy Serwer
      Don’t for get the loveable trumpy bear.
      You will need some love on november 3 you will be crying like hillary’s cry babies.

    • @Rudy Lovato Tiny hands with tiny trump steaks, playing the trump board game while living it up at trump U. Better yet living it up at the failed and bankrupted trumpasino’s — all his properties are going under!! Snuggle up yet another bankruptcy at Trump HQ!! Keep backing the loser!

  6. And you sound about as concerned as a kindergarten teacher reading a nap-time storybook.

    • Why do the fires 🔥 stop at the Canada and Mexico border?

    • In this day and age that kindergarten nap time storybook is probably one written by Leon Trotsky.

    • @anthony gregory Really? Do you honestly believe if it was Antifa/BLM that they would face any sort of punishment in Oregon? Portlands feckless Antifa DA, has let the animals back out on the street night, after night for over ninety days. They’re blaming that on the President. Oregon is a rotting cesspool, with jackasses for leaders in which Oregon citizens willingly voted into power.

    • @goldenhawk H Same with California

    • @Star Light Yeah, and in the state of Washington too. Chicago, LA San Francisco, Minneapolis, pretty much any rat filled shithole the Democrats run.

  7. If they’ll burn , a flag, a house, a building, a police station, a car, a police car…..

    • @Cheryl Harman
      Last time I checked, ANTIFA members are mobile & can move about the state to set fires…

    • @Toady Gruganus
      ANTIFA & BLM are ridiculous movements. President Trump is not a fascist & the police don’t hunt Black people. But those groups do start fires… So to draw a line to those groups isn’t baseless.

    • @Marty McHighAsFk Perceived enemy? Partisan hacks? I would believe that you’re a regular on CNN, right? I guess you believe that the burnt to death corps found in a pawnshop after a ” Peaceful Protest” in Minneapolis was just generalized by Partisan hacks, huh? Or when a man was caught trying to cut through a gas line in a Portland hotel, or when a Trump supporter was hunted and gunned down by BLM, it was just sensationalism…Right?
      Or after ninety days of rioting in a twelve block area and branching out to the suburbs, in Portland is just a figment of imagination. Or when over thirty people lost their life. Five of them being children from all of those “Peaceful Protest” just a big lie, right?
      Go back to CNN, they’re missing their village idiot.

    • @Marty McHighAsFk it’s not perception… it’s reality.

  8. Another arsonist arrested in Spokane, a 36 year old ex nurse and mother bragging on her Facebook page about burning things down.

    • Trainable Monkey | September 14, 2020 at 11:52 PM | Reply

      @Rudy Lovato LA is nothing compared to this. LA air quality: 158. Camas, WA yes ACROSS several miles of F*ing river : 311. Higher is worse. Fire crews work to divert fires away from big cities. LA is safe.

      Here’s a thought: thank a fire crew instead of being mean to others.

    • “Step Down Kate Brown”

    • @Daniel Roig
      I agree!
      how can the people accept this crap with all the lies and deceit and twisting of words.
      You get the government you deserve

    • Set up an Antifa/BLM tracking database. On 4chan and other websites where people can report info on their local Antifa/BLM members.

    • @Daniel Roig
      Or we should be using the F.B.I. and homeland security antiterrorism data base.
      Antifa are terrorist and should be in federal prison and it doesn’t mater what there skin color is or age lock them up.
      And the worse part is the DEMOCRATS back them up and support them as well as the a.c.l.u.
      This has got to change look at all of the burned down houses.
      They try to blame trump and expect us to vote for
      JOE BIDEN.
      Oregon and washington are both socialist states and the deserve what they get.
      So enjoy your socialism 😂🤣

  9. Pelosi: nature is peacefully protesting.

    • @Roland Renyolds lmao this guy could not be less educated on the history of forestry in Oregon

    • Roland Renyolds | September 14, 2020 at 2:32 PM | Reply

      @Paul N
      Are you still trying that same old line. It’s not working anymore. Everybody knows that Trump is 100% behind our troops. And yes John McCain was a traitor to this country.
      His confession he read over radio while he was a POW at the Hanoi Hilton was disgraceful.

    • Roland Renyolds | September 14, 2020 at 2:36 PM | Reply

      And how is their Forest management?
      Do they clear enough Deadwood out to prevent these fires?
      We all know this has nothing to do with climate change don’t we.

    • Damn bro you got her

  10. U couldn’t stop looting in Portland what makes u think u can stop it atatewide

  11. They’re mostly peaceful wildfires, they’re protesting racism. If you put them out you’re racist

  12. What about the people who have been arrested recently in OR for attempted arson? I believe this communist governor is aware and complicit.

    • I dunno what about those people?? I mean can you provide a link? Any actual proof of this happening as reported by a reputable source? Don’t spread baseless accusations without providing any evidence. You’re supporting the spread of harmful rumors

    • Victimhood 4 Votes | September 14, 2020 at 4:10 PM | Reply

      @Toady Gruganus stop watching Cuties and go look up arson arrests in Oregon… this isn’t even good shilling, what’s wrong with you?

    • Victimhood 4 Votes lol yes please attack my character instead of addressing the problem. You’re just helping prove my point.

    • @Vivo Mixtec get some help you have a paranoia problem

    • she is helping fund it

  13. Stonedwalljack 92 | September 14, 2020 at 1:39 PM | Reply

    “let me assure you” tbh there is nothing that any politician could say that would assure me of anything. they’re all scumbags

  14. Remember there are arrest being made and proof that these fires are being started by dem supported terriost rioters

  15. Didn’t they arrest the guy who started it? Some meth head

  16. Yeah the “weather systems” have been arrested over the past week

    • No this is Patrick | September 15, 2020 at 2:48 PM | Reply

      Dust Nomad Enjoy adapting to 30-foot tall infernos, desperate mass migration, famine, and drought! People have literally died this week. So glad they adapted so well

    • No this is Patrick yeah so definitely climate cult haha. We already live in a drought prone area and it’s actually improved the last few years but “your” science says otherwise apparently. People have died and lost their homes and that’s absolutely terrible no question. Leftie arsonists aren’t helping by starting fires in an already dry situation with strained resources and manpower. Dismissing that as mostly “irrelevant” in the big picture makes you look pretty ignorant considering the pollutants from said fires and insensitive to the fact someone cause another’s death. Also dismissing other countries impact on the environment makes you look ignorant. Chinese industrial zones and many other countries are smog ridden. African and Southeast Asian dumping/disposal grounds are highly toxic areas the put who knows what into the environment and human bodies. Maybe some of those emissions/pollutants need to become stagnant like America instead of growing as you say. Then we can work on bringing them down. But no the first world still needs their new iPhone each year so the can talk and post about the climate crisis with their friends. Then they will dump the old in a developing country where some kid will part it out so he can have a chance at food that day. It’s a very complex issue cuz like we said most of the world can’t afford to go green yet. One day maybe we’ll all be able

    • No this is Patrick we never claimed to be an expert on the topic. We said “your science” cuz you dismiss everything (much of which is science) we say as ignorant. The climate cult has been pushing the same agenda for decades and we think they ignore certain factors in pursuit of their THEORY. Just cuz we disagree with you doesn’t mean we’re stupid. We just haven’t been convinced that this theory holds weight. But it seems we’re at an impasse so again stay safe out there and enjoy the haze my dude haha

    • No this is Patrick | September 15, 2020 at 7:14 PM | Reply

      Dust Nomad You don’t need to be convinced lmao. The data is there. You’re literally claiming to know better than people who study this. Also clearly scientifically illiterate; theory does not mean guess. Who tf is we lmao, this argument has been between you and I this entire thread.

  17. Shame on the Oregon government for allowing this arson to happen.

  18. Skaven Misinformation Agent | September 14, 2020 at 2:19 PM | Reply

    “Rumors of looting”
    Politician for: “there is most definitely looting”

  19. Oregon Governor: “We don’t WANT Trump’s help with our constant riots. We can handle them best !!”
    Oregon Governor: “We desperately need help from the Federal Government with the wildfires !”

  20. Several antifa/blm have been arrested for arson 1 supposedly set the whole state of called on fire

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