Organizing In Trump Country with George Goehl | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 37 | MSNBC

Organizing In Trump Country with George Goehl | Why Is This Happening? - Ep 37 | MSNBC 1


How can Democrats win in deep red America? During the midterms, momentum behind progressive candidates in red states garnered national attention – Beto O’Rourke in Texas, Andrew Gillum in Florida, and Stacey Abrams in Georgia. These were no overnight successes. They were the culmination of, among many things, the tireless efforts of grass roots organizers. Organizers like George Goehl, Director of People’s Action, who is focusing his efforts on white rural America. Hear how his own story of poverty and addiction helped inform how he works to build across race and place in order to lay the groundwork for radical change.
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Organizing In Trump Country with George Goehl | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 37 | MSNBC

46 Comments on "Organizing In Trump Country with George Goehl | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 37 | MSNBC"

  1. Delta Construction Bear | October 30, 2019 at 12:58 PM | Reply

    Who told Pelosi to move forward, thank you. It’s making 2020 look great for President Trump! 👍🇺🇸

    • Delta Construction Bear | October 31, 2019 at 10:53 AM | Reply

      @blaster 0416
      Dude, we have the actual transcript..there is nothing. The ‘whistleblower’ and Ukraine government both confirmed the accuracy. It’s amazing EVERYTHING they bring against trump is EXACTLY what they do or have done themselves. It’s not fooling us. 🤷‍♂️

    • @Delta Construction Bear Fox News doesn’t tell you the whole story becasue they are a propaganda arm of Trump.
      The transcript itself said, after stating that the US does alot for the Ukraine, “I need you to do us a favor though” and went on about the quid pro quo. But let us be very clear, there is no need for quid pro quo to make this an act of corruption. Simply asking a foreign government to dig up dirt on a domestic political rival is corruption by itself. ALSO we just had a decorated military officer testify that references to the quid pr quo were deleted from the transcript. AND we have testimony that others in Sonland specifically made the quid pro quo very clear. We have Three members of Trumps own administration testify to the corrupt nature of the call and other messages in context.

    • Delta Construction Bear | October 31, 2019 at 11:53 AM | Reply

      @blaster 0416
      This is going to blow up in ur face just like Russia Russia Russia. It’s hilarious that Surkov from Russia was working with Christopher Steele who was hired by Fusion GPS by the DNC/Hillary yet they try to blame Trump…same thing going on with Ukraine…Victor Pinchuk, Burima, and all the other Atlantic Council/Obama holdovers better strap in…it going to get bumby..

  2. MSNBC, can you please make a different channel for this podcast crap.

  3. Democrats need to renounce globalism, socialism, forced diversity and the income tax, among a few other things.

    • Democrats aren’t the party of JFK anymore , if JFK were to come back to life he would see the Democrat choices and vote for Trump

    • Kimberly Tyrcha | October 30, 2019 at 4:51 PM | Reply

      @Carlos Carlos …And Republicans aren’t the party of Lincoln anymore. They’re not even the party of Reagan anymore. Reagan wouldn’t even recognize today’s Republican party.

    • @Kimberly Tyrcha the Republicans are closer to Reagan than the Democrats are to Kennedy , Reagan gave a amnesty to all illegal aliens in 1982 , what would Reagan say now if he learned that after his amnesty that a additional 10 million illegal aliens are demanding a “pathway to citizenship ” I think he would say “they played us for suckers “

    • The vast majority of the Democrat party aren’t globalists OR socialists. And “forced diversity” is a made up stance in the first place. The income tax sounds like a really weird thing to say the Democrats need to renounce, when literally nobody has viably pushed against the income tax.

  4. I really wish people would read, research and get an education overall, when it comes to what trump has done to this country. He doesn’t care about any of his followers, he mocks them and makes jokes about how gullible they are.Hes done this ever since he switched to the Rep. party. He was a Democrat all fo his life- But when Putin called, he switched. Wake up people…the Oath of the Constitution was sworn to by all politicians…Maybe the Rep’s need reminding of where their loyalties lie…

    • @Kamots what does Trump lie about ? Trivial BS that is of no importance , Trump in the last three years has tried to follow through on every campaign promise he made .
      For a person with no political experience , Trump is doing a great job

    • @Carlos Carlos That’s entirely not true, though. There’s a lot he claimed he would do that hasn’t actually happened. The wall, for instance. Do you not know how little of that is actually getting built?

      But his lies only really seem to be “trivial BS” because of the crazy volume of dishonesty he has. And the normalization of this complete anti-truth behavior has done literally irreparable damage to our nation, both domestic (in developing reactionary ideology and antagonistic group dynamics) and foreign (I doubt I need to tell you how poorly the rest of the world views us now). It isn’t a good thing that he lies about a lot of inane things when a lot of his supporters still believe him. And how can you possibly expect him to tell the truth about important things when he doesn’t have the dignity or respect for YOU to tell the truth about something like the weather?

      He double-downed on being wrong about Alabama getting hit by the hurricane. That could have had MAJOR repercussions for health and safety had people living there taken him at his word. And when the weather agency corrected him, HIS administration tried to have them retract that correction. He has so little respect for YOU that he wrote on a weather report with magic marker, thinking you would believe him. Why do you believe in someone who thinks you are a moron?

      And why is having no experience not a downside? Why did you expect a man with no experience to be able to do the job? Would you hire a newscaster to fix your roof and then bend over backwards trying to support that choice?

      He is BY FAR more dishonest than Clinton has EVER been. And what’s worse is that he most likely KNOWS that it doesn’t matter. He KNOWS that his supporters will do what you are doing now. He knows that you will dismiss all of the negative things about him that are PROVABLE so that you can make empty claims about him doing so well.

      It’s just really sad to see people let him play them like this. I really wish you would figure it out. :

    • @Kamots if I know it’s a lie than it really doesn’t matter , as far as his lies insulting my intelligence , I am a big boy with thick skin and don’t offend so easily.
      The rest of the world seems to be electing leaders and implementing policies just like Trump , Hungary, Italy, Brexit, Costa Rica, Austria, Bulgaria . Although I am not that concerned with our “credibility ” on the world stage ,we will always have good credit.
      I voted Democrat all my life , I voted for Obama . But just like Obama’s brother I will vote for Trump . I am sick of Democrats with law degrees running for office, how many current Democrat candidates dont have a law degree ?
      Currently the economy is good , gas prices are low and there seems that no new wars for America to fight on the horizon. that equals four more years , I would hate to trade all that off for whatever is behind mystery Democrat curtain # 1 . If all I have to do is put up with a obnoxious lying egomaniac like Trump, to have a good economy and no war , that is a small price to pay

    • @Carlos Carlos The economy has been trending upwards since Obama, Trump has done little to nothing to change those trends, honestly.

      Trump is more likely than anyone to get us into a war. Look at how he cowardly abandoned our Kurdish allies. He’ll do whatever he wants for whatever reason, completely disregarding EVERYBODY else trying to steer him in any acceptable direction. And the GOP enables him HARD. They just BARELY didn’t try to defend his choice to ABANDON our allies. The fact that a moron like Trump can make actual policy decisions like that that have resulted in people literally DYING should be troubling to you.

      Your comment about the “mystery democrats” is really strange. You were a democrat before, yes? You’ve only not been for a couple years and SUDDENLY they are a mystery to you? That’s very weird.

      There is literally no evidence that a Democrat president would change any of the things you say you want to keep. Economic growth would be better under anybody OTHER than Trump, no president (Trump withstanding) is going to actively do anything to make gas prices rise significantly, the Democrats aren’t the ones who have tended towards war in recent times (The Republicans are).

      Your argument is essentially that things are good and that you can ignore that Trump is incompetent and unqualified. Why do you not want to support literally anyone who is qualified and competent? Trump isn’t your only option for who to support. Go support someone who is an actually good candidate if you consider yourself an honest and rational person.

      And Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a law degree, for one.

    • @Kamots yes the Republicans have trended towards war in recent years and that is exactly why I voted for Obama over McCain ,
      Weather or not Trump is directly responsible for the good economy and low gas prices isn’t as relevant as the fact that those things exist and he is at the wheel . If I see no sign of things going in the other direction and if they do I would consider voting for someone else .
      As far as the Kurds go . This sounds very selfish but they aren’t on my immediate list of concerns, America cant be the world police , that’s what the U.N. is for .
      Are you absolutely sure about Sanders not having a law degree ? Even if he doesn’t I would never vote for a socialist who is currently recovering from a heart attack. Really bad alternatives from the Democrat party

  5. angelinshagows | October 30, 2019 at 1:50 PM | Reply

    Love you Chris Hayes. Intelligence is refreshing.

  6. ‘Trump and the Republicans will take away your Medicare.’ Put that on billboards up and down Florida. Florida will immediately turn blue.


    • What has Trump done for the middle class? He is a real estate developer who puts his name on LUXURY hotels and golf courses around the world. Has he thought for one minute of using his experience to help develop housing for the middle and working classes?

    • Obviously you didn’t watch the reaction of the crowd to trump during the World Series.

  8. Will MSNBC ever revert back to honest journalism or will they stay DNC propaganda forever?

    • Yes, Cause anything that doesn’t praise glorious leader is propoganda. How is the weather in commie country?! The founding fathers put freedom of press first for a reason – its vital to a democracy!

    • Kimberly Tyrcha | October 30, 2019 at 4:48 PM | Reply

      Raldo Raldo…When Fox News reverts to honest journalism instead of staying RNC propaganda forever.

    • Moxy O’Onyx You know what’s also vital to a democracy? Accepting election results.

    • Kimberly Tyrcha Tell me what fake stories Fox News put out. I can name more than a few on MSNBC side. Tell me about Fox.

  9. Pump out the septic tank! Vote against Trump!

  10. Our grandfather was an abolitionist meaning he considered slavery to be an abomination.

  11. just great!

  12. As an anthropologist, I went wherever I was called. From Louisville, Kentucky to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Tamil Nadu, India to Singapore south of Malaysia, to New Zealand a.k.a.Aotearoa and ultimately to Northern California

  13. Fox News thumps MSNBC, CNN in October for 40th straight monthly basic cable win. 🐸

    • Because Fox spews propaganda and pushes false narratives. Conspiracies run amok on the fake news channel. Ppl love watching other ppl doing and saying horrible things, pushing a false, partisan, nasty rhetoric giving credence to all their fears. And I’m sure they do some actual news reporting on Fox. But that doesn’t change the fact that Fox is seemingly turning more & more anti-America.

    • @Lady Spider the EvilDumb just love Fox news. Such bad and immoral ppl. Poop clumps together

  14. I have always been a Democrat

  15. Absolutely BRILLIANT, Chris!

  16. This guy is so on point

  17. your wonderful, but stop saying ‘like’.

  18. Bravo Bravo

  19. The part I see that is truly most frustrating in how we are approaching this question of, “how do we deal with industrial change and the collateral damage it causes?” is that obviously we aren’t looking close enough at changing the whole structure of how corporations work in our economy. Between that and the Republican/corporatist exceedingly hypocritical view that ALL social safety net programs are merely a ‘handout’ taken advantage of by ‘those people’ does nothing for anyone outside the 1% and the shareholders/‘C’-level management of corporations. The way I see it, if a corporation has people working with tools manufacturing a product for sale in the market those people absolutely MUST have a significant say in how the company plans for the future and how they make serious decisions. This is a pretty European idea, but it does tend to make for much more stable business environments for those in the economy that don’t have ANY voice in the US because they don’t command enough capital to pay for ads on MSM and too few people in today’s America read and/or try to get to the bottom of serious social issues using multiple news sources/research material. Right now we have everything at our fingertips yet so few of us have focus from their parental units (due to non 1%er households not having enough time to devote to their kids because both parents are working full-time or more just to make ends meet.

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