O’Toole blasts Trudeau, says Ottawa’s vaccine strategy has ‘failed’ | COVID-19 pandemic

O'Toole blasts Trudeau, says Ottawa's vaccine strategy has 'failed' | COVID-19 pandemic 1


    1. You’re kidding, right?? O’Toole would be worse for Canada than tRump was for America… Cut from the same undeservedly smug, pathetic cloth.

  1. If the conservatives actually did something instead of just insulting Trudeau maybe they would get voted in

  2. Two tentacles of the same octopus. How is this our choice for opposition to the Liberals? They are exactly the same. Time for real change.

  3. I believe it was Harper that closed down Canada’s ability to produce our own vaccines to balance the books at all costs so Conservatives should sit down and shut up now and not criticize our lack of ability to produce our own.

  4. This is like watching “Dumb and Dumber” everyday.
    No more clown down South. Now we have our own circus.

    1. Yep. Now, we’re stuck with a clown who wears coloured socks, chants “peoplekind”, and can teach drama (substitute) at the high school level. Even Paul Martin hates him.

  5. It’s common knowledge especially as a public speaker, when you “Blast” someone you offer examples and provide a solution.
    Your complaint is as lame as your tactics.

  6. Whenever Trudeau is called on to answer for his incompetence, he replies in a condescending arrogant way that never contains solutions or truth and his latest annoying habit is to accuse any of his opponents of playing political games.
    Unbelievable and increasingly frustrating. Our prime minister is a spoiled brat with little connection to the real issues of this country. Please fellow Canadians, don’t vote for this insult to our country again.

  7. There is No Pandemic. The numbers don’t support it. All Parties are failing Canadian’s by not opening up the economy.

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