O’Toole: ‘Canada is at a crossroads’ | FULL speech at Conservative policy convention

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole gave his first major speech since addressing supporters after his win at the leadership convention.


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  1. My dog could beat the most incompetent corrupt PM in history. He’s phucked up everything he’s touched. We’ve gone from 1st to worst in every category.

    1. Absolutely! Trudeau and the Liberal Party need to go the way of the dodo. I’m so sick of being taxed more and more every time i turn around and my money going to other countries or Trudeaus friends.

    2. @Ryan Clifford And having them unfairly target sports shooting which is my person favourite sport to compete in

    3. @Corey Aldrich You’re right the conservatives are unpopular and vote splitting with PPC and Maverick is just guaranteeing Trudeau win. I’m just going to enjoy firearms while I still can. As well as hide all my money away in foreign markets to protect it from inflation. Allah help me through these troubling times

  2. The government is like a business we hire politicians run this country like a CEO supervisor or foreman to run a business
    So why do they get to vote for their own pay and pensions
    We need to take power back from the politicians

    1. You’re exactly right! But they don’t a single Canadian to know that. That’s why they keep Canadians so financially illiterate so you don’t see the Beast and it’s tentacles running the nation.

    2. What we need is for the politicians to focus on international relations and mutual defense and leave the all domestic stuff like our laws to the individual provinces.

    3. There is a massive difference between a CEO and a political leader.
      A CEO takes action, things happen and they have a job or get replaced quickly.
      A Political leader MUST be diplomatic, compromise with many other leaders and opinions. They can not be replaced quickly as the serve a term.
      Businessmen in general make for very poor politicians.
      Totally different world and ways of getting things done.

    1. @Vianka Applebaum That is the goal . . . a dependant population is a compliant population. Justin like his dad luvs the Commies and wishes to emulate them.

    1. Politicians have to much power. Raises whenever they feel they’re deserving, making laws as they feel and cover up after cover up with zero repercussions for any of it.

  3. We wouldn’t be in a mess if you O’Tool would fight hardner, we have bird drains on our hill. My poor Canada gone to hell. Mr Poilievre for PM.

  4. We need a PM with lots of guys and leadership. We did not have that with JT. Do you think you can do better? If not get out of there.

  5. Conservatives are real smart.. we got a choice between a Trudeau and a Tool, wtf is wrong with this party

  6. The conservatives aren’t getting anywhere with this leadership and they’ll lose in 2023 !

  7. I thought he was gonna change my mind about the conservative party 1 minute in, but then the clichés started, and he never said another inspiring word.

  8. Everyone needs to read Pat Buchanan’s book The Death of the West, to see real conservatism. You can find an audiobook of it on YouTube

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