O'Toole details 'sensible' plan to strengthen Canada's ethics laws 1

O’Toole details ‘sensible’ plan to strengthen Canada’s ethics laws


Conservative Party Leader Erin O'Toole details his plans to strengthen Canada's ethics laws.

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    1. @Derek Balogh this is true. any fine will make someone think twice. I don’t park legally because I don’t want a $10 parking ticket but if I knew id not get a ticket I would not care. However id still not park like a d…

    1. Except I remember a former PM named Harper who ran on restoring ethics right after the corrupt Libs’ sponsorship scandal, and he turned out to be full of it. This is nothing but hot air again.

  1. I agree on everything Erin O’TOOLE is saying but the ethics penalty should be higher like 1 million atleast and if it is a bad ethics violation like something criminal it
    should be termination

    1. No fines, jail time only. Don’t let these rich tits buy their way out of ethics violations. It’s a million dollar permission slip to them.

    2. Shayke Speeer if Harper deserves that then sure he should go to jail. Politicians no matter their title should not be immune to criminal law.

    1. We have something similar to impeachment in a loss of confidence vote which is as effective as impeachment

    1. Totally disagree – they need to vastly raise salaries for the highest levels in government to attract the brightest and to discourage corruption as a by product.

  2. I like the idea of holding politicians accountable for there actions to reduce corruption but what I’d really like to hear is how my vote will directly improve my life and less… just what I see in the front page of my news paper witch really doesn’t change my life at all.

  3. Focus on a strong ethical and environmental policy so that we can navigate this changing economy collectively.

  4. The libs must go and they will, but to think that the cons under the tool are going to be better, is irresponsible and wrong. The libs will not get my vote, but neither will the cons. Vets still remember when the libs created the New Veteran Chatter, but it was the cons under harper who implemented those changes while soldiers were still serving in Afghanistan. Canadians have no leadership in parliament, as a result we are stuck with garbage attempting to become P.M. What a sad state of affairs we are in.

  5. Any conservatives here that actually voted for O’toole? Guess which voting machines handle inner party elections? Look it up.

  6. Well Mr. Toole with all your fiscal knowledge, you have managed to maintain corruption as a profitable venture with this idea. Congratulations

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