Ottawa bans travel from several countries in Africa | Will COVID-19 measures keep out new variant?

CTV's Glen McGregor on Canada implementing a travel ban for Southern Africa due to new COVID-19 variant.

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    1. @Thepopcornator is that a joke? That’s why he banned travel was because of the pandemic. He never banned any travel at any point before the pandemic

    1. @Anton Olufayoalmost as smart as everyone who has been infected even with their vaccines. Football teams, hockey teams and Canadian military. You seem well versed on the subject. Thanks for stopping by the post though.

  1. Lol they ban flights. Well are they banning connecting flights to those countries as well ? What a flacking joke !

  2. Masks and toilet paper will be flying off the shelves. Covid Karens and Ken’s will be stocking up for waves 5, 6 & 7 while looking forward to boosters 4,5 & 6. Go Team!!!!

    1. @Json of course not we will own nothing and be happy. It’s the greatest wealth transfer in history.
      What are “government” funded programs? Do you see it yet?

  3. I bet CEO’s, bankers and pharmaceutical executives can fly wherever they want.

    Only way out is stop complying

  4. How does the government not know that it doesn’t matter if you ban travel from these countries with a certain variant, if they’re not banned from traveling to OTHER countries that are still allowed to travel to Canada?

  5. Could you do a story on the isolation of a virus sample of COVID-19 or any of the variants? Would be interesting if you could provide links to peer reviewed studies that prove such isolation. This could show that government and health measures are actually based on science and not Orwellian knee jerking. I won’t hold my breath.

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