Ottawa construction company abruptly shuts down, leaving homeowners out money

CTV's Leah Larocque speaks to more clients with unfinished work as the Highbridge Construction goes out of business.

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  1. a couple hundred thousand 💀 i’ll come measure some stuff for 55k 🤣 f are y’all doing. im starting a construction business in ottawa

  2. 40 % down is normal but if they didn’t purchase material or done any work like demolition them that money should be returned . By taking money for a job you knowingly knew you couldn’t complete is criminal .

  3. Where this owners bring money we don’t have in Canada I am handyman do renovation and painting 20 year’s most times I am poor with no jobs ..she had lots of money she should be more educated if I painting room $100 she willing pay $1000 if I do best tilling bathroom $500 finish floor wall installation shower glass..she pay out $3000

  4. Whenever a company hires the cheapest contractors to drywall, do the plumbing, etc. you get horrible work and horrible work just horribly wrong.

  5. I wonder if the jerk that did mine was involved, I considered suing him but I don’t believe in the courts. I’m having problems with everything they did.

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