Ottawa offers assistance to Ontario, Ford turns it down | COVID-19 crisis deepens 1

Ottawa offers assistance to Ontario, Ford turns it down | COVID-19 crisis deepens


Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc responded to the news that Ont. Premier Ford turned down offers of assistance.


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  1. Ford won’t legislate paid sick days because it’s “playing politics” and yet that’s EXACTLY what he’s doing here.
    Why did he ask for help from Kenney but refused help from Trudeau?

    1. He is refusing help from Trudeau because he’s looking to destroy Trudeau soon enough for his job. Meaning that he’s not ready to bad mouth him just yet or take any hand outs. Regardless for what it’s for.


    3. @Sandy G these essential workers face increased pressure to show up even when they’re not feeling well in order to keep getting shifts. These workers or their loved ones are now ending up hospitalized and dying…

    1. “Were all in this together” yea okay Mr trudeau keep accepting you’re 400k government salary while we have no jobs to work

    2. @ridingwithdavid lots of business are booming, just the non essential business and non essential workers are suffering. I bought a house, a new truck and a brand new Honda 100cc quad for my son this year. I didn’t get a penny from the government but I gave them $20k!

    1. human life is not being lost at an unatural rate that’s the joke of all this 97% get the vid and survive with only mild symptoms

    1. @J B Just heard we are extending lockdown in Ontario to six weeks, extended ” police powers” allowing them to pull over any driver,or pedestrian,ask for I.d., and demand the reason for travel, $700 ticket for ” unsuitable reason”… Marshall law…no other name for it.

  2. Bunch of Muppets in politics idiots just proves its who you know not what you know to get in position of power complete morons

    1. @Hamza k because they just opened and stopped being scared. The reality is that cases may not even explode when we open. There’s still been plenty of activity just in less places. There’s no proof opening up would cause a huge issue, look how high our case count is already

    2. @Existence University i have morals and ethics. That precludes you from political life in this world.

    3. @Existence University If I was 30 years younger, I would consider it. I’ve been battling megacorporations, polluting companies, corruption in politics, etc for most of my adult life. I’m a worn out lioness on the savanna watching the hyenas and vultures take over. I have to hope that a new generation can change things.

  3. So his supervisor sees a reason to get involved but doesn’t because his incompetent fellow employee says that he doesn’t need the help for the 3rd time……? Yey Canadian politrix.

    1. Exactly what they want…that’s why they want more cops…cops get to deal with the frustration… pitting taxpayers against cops… just as planned

    2. @Sarah Lunafire exactly-just like all the statutes. You can beat them at their game when you know the legalese they speak.

  4. I’ll paraphrase Keith Richard, ‘I don’t have problems with viruses, I have problems with the governments’.

  5. I got no strings so I have fun
    I’m not tied up to anyone
    They’ve got strings
    But you can see
    There are no strings on me

  6. Why would the government not due whats best for All Canadians its clear we have been segregated into groups at this point.

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