‘Out Of The Trump Playbook’: Tucker Carlson Doubles Down On FBI Role In Insurrection

NBC has obtained a transcript of an FBI interview with a Jan. 6 insurrection defendant, which included questions about his possible connections with Members of Congress. NBC4 Washington Investigative Reporter Scott MacFarlane joins The ReidOut with his report.
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  1. Tuckums. It just gets better every time you say it. Don’t let the buggers rest, Joy Reid. Tuckums is scared of you, girl.

    1. @DCMB DCMB I don’t think you’re in a position to judge what a functioning brain does or looks like.

    2. @Peoples Republic of Ninj Well, if you voted for a man who is dead from the neck up, neither do you. I suspect you see a lot of yourself in him.

    3. @DCMB DCMB are you Tuckums mom or just feeling like it? You sound like the btch trying to protect her a-hole child. You are funny and entertaining.

    1. @John DiGiacomo Thank you for once again reinforcing the obvious. Trump is a well known, lifelong liar, and holding the Presidency did not change that at all.

    2. The FBI KNEW most if not all about all the mass shootings ahead of time.

      They KNEW these mass shootings were planned & did NOTHING to stop them.

      So you’re left with two conclusions: either they wanted to allow the mass shootings OR they helped the mass shootings happen.

      The FBI are corrupted & actively attacking America & all Americans.

    3. Dolores Reynolds, his lawyers wouldn’t let him testify before the Mueller committee because he was incapable of NOT lying, that says it all.

    1. @HS Where is the information that says that the FBI “knew” about mass shootings before they happened?

    2. @Kay San Whatever you are smoking or drinking or medication you are taking you need to stop becuase it has seriously clouded you thinking. TRUMP LOST – GET OVER IT.

    3. @Kay San the hypocrisy we see is mostly on the side of Trump supporters. You make up stupid lies about a day the entire world saw.

  2. DOJ needs to hold fox to facts. They used to fine incorrect facts. Fox needs to be responsible. ✌☮

    1. Fox News is listed as entertainment NOT news.

      In a court case Tucker Carlson’s lawyers said “no reasonable person would take Carlson seriously.” They claim people know their client does not perform fact based research. Those lawyers argue Tucker Carlson only voices his opinions as do guests on his show.

      A judge ordered Fox News to run a disclaimer banner stating that they are entertainment ONLY once a day. It would prevent audience impression of their channel being genuine journalism. FOX News runs aforementioned statement at a dead hour i.e. least watched time daily.

      Murdoch has enough blood money to buy his television station continued airtime. He knows it spews non-stop right wing propaganda triple dipped in lies and corruption. Murdoch will protect his latest cash cow Tucker Carlson until the bull plop peddler runs dry.

      If we want to stop right wing misinformation we must reinstate The Fairness Doctrine.

    2. @Imelda Samaniego Rachel Madcows attorney said the same in the OAN lawsuit against him/her. The judge said that she/he is not a journalist.

    3. @Dan Chanquin
      Amy Wolf, a counselor for NBCUniversal, MSNBC’s parent company, argued that Maddow’s comment was a “protected opinion based on disclosed facts.”

      Please note the operative word being FACTS.

      Something Tucker Carlson NEVER deals in.

      Furthermore MSNBC got the courts to overturn OAN’s defamation lawsuit ruling in May of 2020.

      U.S. District Judge Cynthia Bashant ruled last May that “no set of facts that could support a claim for defamation based on Maddow’s statement.” After NBC Universal, MSNBC and Maddow asked for nearly $350,000 in legal fees, the court permanently dismissed the case and on Friday awarded the defendants $247,667.50.

      “This ruling reflects that One America News’ lawsuit is totally baseless, and we expect to continue to prevail on appeal,” read a statement provided to USA TODAY by MSNBC spokesperson Lorie Acio.

    1. @Seth Thomas I include quotes for the benefit of others so they don’t have to search through long threads to understand the context of my reply. Also so the person I am replying to knows exactly which of their statements I am addressing.

      Redundancy is a small price to pay for clarity, in my opinion.

      It has also been helpful on occasions when the original poster edited their statements after I replied to them.

    2. @Angela Siegfried and do you really trust the FBI? Lol. Have you ever seen any of the directors give a straight answer. It’s almost like the FBI was created to protect the criminals in both parties.

    1. @Konrad Yearwood Congratulations, cadet! You’ve just been accepted into the Clairvoyance Division. Here’s your badge, your gun, and your Magic 8-Ball!!!

    2. @Buff Straw Dear Special Agent Buff Straw. Thank you for your confirmation letter but you should note that I sent my reply accepting the role two weeks before the interview. But I am sure you already knew that and were testing me. As you know I will see you on Monday at work and I advise you take the route through town as there will be a fender bender on the by-pass at 0715.

    3. Because they know that some of them were “unindicted co-conspirators” not the FBI, but members of the House and/or Senate.

    4. @HS There is no evidence of this and you know it. Just more crazy conspiracy theories for you to drool over. Surprise, facts don’t care about your delusions.

  3. Joy Reid’s is absolutely correct because members from Congress are being investigated for being complicit with the insurrectionist so now Congress is trying to turn the tables but it’s too late cause they have the evidence of Congress members communicating with the insurrectionist.

    1. 💯 many were complicit. Expulsion, charges need to happen or else our democracy is done from within

    2. @Lisa Zabriskie you are 100% correct and the DOJ needs to move fast because they are mobilizing slowly and changing laws in the process while they destroy democracy so action needs to be taken now before it’s too late.

    3. This is one of the major reasons the Republicans refuse to allow a Congressional investigation like 911, it will be up to the FBI to pursue justice now.

  4. Ghomert Pyle was having an awfully hard time trying to remember his absurd conspiracy theory there.

    1. @Ken Albertsen I thought is was a bunch of HRC’s most ardent supporters who were all paid protesters with George Soros’ deep pockets. Bill and Hillary strike again and more citizens get added to the “Clinton Death List.”
      That’s the kind of wild conspiracy theory that Trumps GOP can really get behind.

  5. That, discredit the victim tactic, is probably an ingrained habit from his time as a cop. Wonder if his political affiliations influenced how he discharged his duties as a cop?

    1. @Robert Hunt It was investigated. Tara made the same accusation against her own father. Shut up.

    2. @Tess Bennett What investigation? Reade was discredited and dismissed – victim shaming. Brett Kavanaugh on the other hand, was investigated seven times.

    3. @Robert Hunt Kavanaugh is guilty of multiple sexual assaults. That’s why the investigation found. Republicans just don’t care.

    4. @Red Rick Here’s what we know: the Supreme Court tilts six to three conservative, and the advantage should hold for at least a generation. Meanwhile, Democrats enjoy a 50-50 Senate majority that depends on the vice president breaking a tie, and hold the thinnest House majority in 80 years. That’s what Republicans care about.

  6. Gohmert: “the Federal government participating”. This is a very smart representative! The Federal government at the time of 1/6 is Trump’s administration, meaning that him, Gohmert is part of that administration.

  7. So many ex-marines have been charged in connection to their roles in the unfettered violence from the tRumpanzees on January 6 at the Capitol Building, it’s casting a bad light on the USMC and has people wondering what the heck is going on in the training of marines that they turn to violent sedition against the country in such large numbers.

    1. @Doug Eing Because the two are not the same. One the largest social justice movement in history that ricocheted around the world and the other a failed coup attempt. Next!

    2. @Doug Eing “Why is there this urgent rush to live under the yoke of Marxism and communism?”
      What makes you think I want to? Who told you that lie about me? OAN? Breitbart? Fox News? Epoch Times?
      Don’t believe everything you hear, it might just be propaganda.

    3. @Doug Eing Obviously you do care, since you believe I’m a violent Marxist Communist Democrat. You care enough to bear false witness against me. I thought you Christians weren’t supposed to do that?

    1. @Prod Theta rioting and civil disobedience and some what less violent than what took place in Baltimore Maryland, LA County California, or Portland Oregon Over the last year

  8. “Hasn’t been to DC in decades.” Only takes one insurrection to get urself into trouble punk.

    1. Paul Machowski: Don’t knock it: I haven’t been in Amsterdam in decades, so I am not responsible for the broken fire hydrant there in 2020.

    1. Americans think that real life is a cartoon wherein everyone is being chased by The Feds 🤣😳

  9. Take the “politics” out of the story and just charge these individuals for their violent behaviour. Don’t make them “soldiers” of some fake war. Charge Donald Trump with tax evasion and racketeering.

  10. Republicans: “their are some major questions to be asked”
    Democrats: “well let’s put together a bipartisan commission then”
    Republicans; “oh no we don’t need that “
    Democrats; “WTF”

    1. ONLY if the Republicans are the ones ASKING the questions,not if THEY are in the “hot seat”. And,we know the Dems are planning to do just that!!

  11. “Tuckums”, everytime she calls him this, her pet name for this horrible human, I can’t help laugh.

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