1. Am I the only person in the whole world who wants to know what happened to Johnny Depp on that morning? He said “Did anything happen to You this mornin… I don’t think so! How come no one is wondering what happened to Johnny Depp that morning!? Also never trust a person who can’t show true emotion or shed a tear.

    1. They are still in deliberations and the jury has the weekend off. It is also a long weekend in the States so they won’t continue until Tuesday.

  2. Two narcissists who will never give up. They’re both guilty of domestic violence because a narcissist is always right and is unable to have empathy for others. Plus they believe they’ll get away with it no consequences.

    1. Nope. Only one narcissist. The trial showed that. Depp seems very compassionate and doesn’t show signs of narcissism. Also, it’s actually impossible for two narcissists to be in a relationship so the whole idea is flawed. Narcissists need a submissive partner to dominate and abuse. It’s basically their core tenet.

    2. You can’t expect there to not be violence in a alcoholic and drug induced relationship. They both abused each other physically and mentally. It’s just that Amber wanted to get fame and money out of it when their marriage didn’t work out.

    3. @8BitGamer4life Nope. Not true. Only a small percentage of alcoholics and drug users are abusive or violent. Depp appears to be the type who actually uses substances to “retreat” from the world. Many witnesses testified it was difficult to even tell when he was high, and when you could he was usually more personable. This is consistent with drug users with ADHD who are basically self-medicating.

  3. What this case shows is that it isn’t always automatically 100% the man’s fault. Women can be abusers too.

    1. @Fred Rezfield Especially this case. Being on drugs doesn’t make you immune to abuse. So girls who were sexually abused when they were intoxicated are the abusers?

    2. They both abused each other whether they were both drunk or high on drugs but it’s what happens in those kinds of relationships. It’s just Amber Heard wants it to be one sided.

    1. No, it wasn’t. The jury hears testimony but the judge is in charge of the case (and can dismiss either side if she finds legal precedent to do so) before she formally turns it over to the jury for the final decision. Not all of the jurors who heard testimony deliberated in the end (only seven of the nine jurors were kept for deliberation). That’s why it’s only NOW “in the hands of the jury.”

  4. She is greedy for money and would do anything for it!!! Let the truth and true justice prevail.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen of the .. ja .. ju …. jaaa ……. juuuu ……………………………………….. jury!

    1. Because the alleged defamation was posted online by the Washington Post who’s severs are located in Virginia. So legally the defamation happened in that jurisdiction.

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